Rooftop Vinyl Deck Restoration in Burnaby

Citywide Sundecks restores rooftop deck with Duradek

Mr. and Mrs. Ratard spend as much time as possible traveling around North America in their campervan. For the few sunny months of the year that they’re in Burnaby, Mr. Ratard works to maintain their home and yard.

Having plenty of experience with home contractors in the past, the Ratards knew that the cheapest quote isn’t always the best. When Citywide Sundecks came to inspect their rooftop sundeck for a restoration quote, Mr. Ratard was pleased with the level of expertise that was displayed. The quote was provided in a timely and thorough manner, convincing the couple to hire Citywide as their decking contractor.

Citywide removed the existing deck membrane and plywood, installing brand new select plywood and properly sloping the deck for drainage. Channels were routered into the plywood so that the new Duradek vinyl would lay flush at the seams and around the perimeter of the deck. The Ratards upgraded to PVC coated flashing so that the vinyl could be welded directly to the top of the flashing –creating a beautiful accent and durable finish.

Rooftop sundeck restoration – before pictures

Rooftop Sundeck Construction
Rooftop Sundeck Construction
Rooftop Sundeck Construction
Rooftop Sundeck Construction
Rooftop Sundeck Construction
Rooftop Sundeck Construction
Rooftop Sundeck Construction
Rooftop Sundeck Restoration - Before Photos


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Liquid Membrane for a Vancouver Rooftop Deck Renovation

Liquid Applied Waterproof Decking Membrane
IMG 1416
Liquid Applied Waterproof Decking Membrane
Liquid Applied Waterproof Decking Membrane


The Mahons have a large rooftop deck that overlooks English Bay. The deck has three separate bi-fold doors that provide access and a magnificent view from the interior. When their vinyl decking membrane became worn and in need of replacement, they set out to find a reliable contractor to update the vinyl.

Citywide Sundecks consultation

Paul from Citywide Sundecks met with the couple to discuss their needs and evaluate the rooftop deck. Paul explained that if he were to replace the vinyl membrane, he would need to remove the three doors and run the membrane beneath them to fully waterproof the deck. While the Mahons understood the importance of waterproofing, they had issues with the seal on the door frames at installation and were hesitant to pull them out again.

Problem-solving with deckspertise

In response to their concern, Paul presented the option of applying a liquid membrane over top of the existing vinyl membrane. After discussing the implications, the Mahons were on board for the plan. Paul provided them a detailed quote and work began shortly after.

With the added texture, their new deck surface is waterproof and slip resistant. The flexible urethane-based membrane will last for years — perhaps longer than the three doors.

To get a free quote on your deck renovation, fill out the form below or call Citywide Sundecks today at 604-786-3325.

Citywide Waterproofs a Houseboat With Duradek

Duradek On Rooftop Houseboat Deck By Citywide Sundecks
Duradek On Rooftop Houseboat Deck By Citywide Sundecks
Duradek On Rooftop Houseboat Deck By Citywide Sundecks
Duradek On Rooftop Houseboat Deck By Citywide Sundecks
Duradek On Rooftop Houseboat Deck By Citywide Sundecks
Duradek On Rooftop Houseboat Deck By Citywide Sundecks


From the interior, Don’s well decorated 2,000+ square foot home shows no signs of being different from any other home. But, for thirteen years Don has happily lived in a floating home. His home is anchored in a community on the Fraser River, nestled next to the Westham Island Road bridge. On the third level of his home, Don has a large rooftop sundeck with a hot tub, dining area, and even a bar sink. He enjoys spending summer evenings here, looking out over the farmland and mountain vista.

Rooftop sundeck renovation with a twist

The vinyl on this rooftop deck had been there since long before he purchased the home but was beginning to fail. With the pronounced moisture that a float home faces, waterproofing is an essential element of the exterior finishes. Not knowing what type of vinyl had been used previously, Don kept his eye out for a reliable vinyl decking brand that he could count on to protect his unique home. When he saw a TV commercial for Duradek vinyl, he called them and was put in touch with Citywide Sundecks – the preferred installer in his region.

Citywide Sundecks experts have the right solution

An estimator from Citywide Sundecks met with Don to discuss his project. Unlike other companies who met with Don, The Estimator from Citywide ensured that the unique circumstances of the home were understood and accounted for. He laid out a detailed quote that displayed the proposed project plan and made Don feel comfortable and informed. Unique elements of the project included a floating scaffold, a chute/pulley system for moving supplies and debris up and down from the roof, and a chest freezer and hot tub that could not be removed from the deck.

Shortly after Citywide began work on the float home’s rooftop deck, Don asked us to redo two smaller decks on a lower level. When rot was discovered – a result of improper drainage from above –  the Citywide crew worked swiftly to repair and replace.

Word travels fast

Don is very pleased with his experience, noting how friendly the crew that worked on his deck was and the patience and skill required for the unique circumstances. As a result, Citywide has completed work for two other homeowners living in the float home community.  

If you need a sundeck you can rely on, get a free quote from Citywide Sundecks. Call 604-786-3325 or fill out the form below.

Liquid applied membrane for waterproofing and texturing

Citywide Liquid Decking
Citywide Liquid Decking
Citywide Liquid Decking
Citywide Liquid Decking
Citywide Liquid Decking
Citywide Liquid Decking

Mr. and Mrs. Nguyen first hired Citywide Sundecks in 2015 to install Duradek on their backyard rooftop sundeck. They were very pleased with the result and value that Citywide provided. So, in 2017 — when they needed to update their slippery, leaking front stoop — they called up Citywide Managing Director, Paul to see if he knew anyone who could fix it. Paul had a smart solution for the front stoop that would waterproof texturize, and beautify the home’s entrance —  a solution that would last as long as the home stands.

  • Two years ago we hired Citywide to renovate our sundeck and back porch. We were very happy with the results and we are enjoying them everyday. Last month we had them renovate our front stairs and walkway. The result exceeded our expectation. Now our front entrance lookes good enough to welcome a queen! I like Paul’s workers they are friendly and able. Also, Paul is one of the most organized and punctual people I have ever known. We have had a lot of problems with tradesmen in the past. It’s nice to know Paul for a change.

Liquid-applied waterproofing membranes for decks and patios

Liquid applied membranes are used often in commercial and industrial application, but they are usually overlooked when thinking of residential waterproofing solutions. Liquid applied membranes can be used in many applications to waterproof and texturize surfaces and the colour is customizable. The liquid applied membranes used by Citywide for decks and patios are commercial grade, so they’ll last for decades. The same materials are also used in medical and food packing facilities because of their easy-to-clean nature and natural mold, mildew, and bacterial resistance.

Liquid applied waterproofing membranes are applied in layers. First, an epoxy ‘primer’ is used on the surface, to make a strong bond. Next, a flexible urethane coat is added, which fuses with the primer and seamlessly waterproofs the surface. Another coat is added, with which texture or colour can be included. For the Nguyens, Citywide created a custom mixture of gray, black, and white coloured texture to match the home’s exterior and mask dirt. 

The coating takes only hours to cure and can be used very shortly after application. This waterproof membrane is incredibly easy to maintain, rinse dirt buildup with soap and water. If there is ever any damage to the coating, a new top coat is simply applied — no need to rip up any membrane. 


Citywide Liquid Decking Pre Grinder Prep

Citywide Liquid Decking Pre Grinder Prep

Citywide Liquid Decking Post Grinder Prep

Citywide Liquid Decking Post Grinder Prep

Citywide Liquid Decking Textured V. Prepped

Citywide Liquid Decking Textured V. Prepped

Citywide Liquid Decking With Red Primer

Citywide Liquid Decking With Red Primer

Citywide Liquid Decking Applying Membrane Coat #2

Citywide Liquid Decking Applying Membrane Coat #2

Citywide Liquid Decking Texturing

Citywide Liquid Decking Texturing


Mr. and Mrs. Nguyen are very pleased with their beautiful, functional, and safe front entrance. The custom aluminum handrails provide an updated look, while still blending nicely to the home’s classic exterior.


To learn more about waterproof liquid decking, visit our liquid decking page or call 604-786-3325 to speak with a Citywide deck expert.

Large AZEK Composite Sundeck in Maple Ridge

AZEK Composite Sundeck In Maple Valley IMG 1391


Maple Valley Azek Deck IMG 1404
Maple Valley Azek Deck IMG 1403
Maple Valley Azek Deck IMG 1401
Maple Valley Azek Deck IMG 1392
Maple Valley Azek Deck IMG 1385
Maple Valley Azek Deck IMG 1383
Maple Valley Azek Deck IMG 1380
Maple Valley Azek Deck IMG 1378
Maple Valley Azek Deck IMG 1377
Maple Valley Azek Deck IMG 1376
Maple Valley Azek Deck IMG 1374
Maple Valley Azek Deck IMG 1372
Maple Valley Azek Deck IMG 1369
Maple Valley Azek Deck IMG 1363
Maple Valley Azek Deck 1357

Peter and Judy’s sunshine-yellow home backs on to the Fraser River, located on the border of Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge, BC. In their large backyard, they have grand trees that provide shade for their vegetable gardens, which they tend together while their Husky mix supervises. They love spending their retirement together enjoying their yard, but the wooden patio that they spend so much time on was becoming rotten and unusable.

Citywide consultation provides clarity

Peter and Judy found Citywide Sundecks online and requested a quote. After an in-person consultation, Paul from Citywide understood that the couple was looking to replace and expand their existing wooden deck. They wanted something that was low maintenance and that would be durable enough to ensure it would be the last deck project they would have to worry about. Paul suggested composite decking as an option for its 30 year warranty (AZEK decking), beautiful appearance, and low maintenance.

Happy customers for life

Although it was more than they had planned on spending, Peter and Judy loved the idea of a deck that looks like wood that they will never have to paint or stain for the rest of their lives. They were sold.

Citywide Sundecks installed their 400 square foot AZEK composite deck with the hidden fastening system ConcealLoc. Citywide carpenters constructed a timber trellis to provide much-needed shade on the south-facing sundeck.

Judy and Peter are more than happy with their decision to hire Citywide Sundecks to install their composite deck. They look forward to spending decades of sunny days and summer evenings with family on their new deck.

Maple Ridge Sundeck Before Pictures

AZEK Composite Sundeck In Maple Valley BEFORE
AZEK Composite Sundeck In Maple Valley BEFORE
AZEK Composite Sundeck In Maple Valley BEFORE

For a free estimate on your composite sundeck project, fill out the form below or call (604) 786-3325.

West Vancouver Family Sundeck Renovation

Citywide Sundecks West Vancouver IMG 1053


Citywide Sundecks West Vancouver IMG 1021
Citywide Sundecks West Vancouver IMG 1027
Citywide Sundecks West Vancouver IMG 1029
Citywide Sundecks West Vancouver IMG 1031
Citywide Sundecks West Vancouver IMG 1037
Citywide Sundecks West Vancouver IMG 1040
Citywide Sundecks West Vancouver IMG 1044
Citywide Sundecks West Vancouver IMG 1047
Citywide Sundecks West Vancouver IMG 1062
Citywide Sundecks West Vancouver IMG 1063
Citywide Sundecks West Vancouver IMG 1066
Citywide Sundecks West Vancouver IMG 1073


Zohreh and her family have lived in their beautiful West Vancouver home that overlooks the Lions Gate Bridge and downtown Vancouver for over 15 years. On a clear day, you can see all the way to Mt. Baker, but Zohreh’s favourite view is when the clouds roll in low over the city, leaving just the tips of high-rises peaking through the thick, white blanket.

A material that would do their home justice

With such an incredible vista, the family spends a lot of time on their two large decks. But, the decks were aging and in need of refurbishment. The glass railings had become foggy, obstructing the sight lines to the city and water below and the vinyl was looking worn.

The home being older amongst a neighbourhood of new builds, they didn’t want to sink unnecessary funds into the deck renovation. Zohreh needed something practical. They also have a fluffy little Pomeranian named Mini, who hasn’t quite got the hang of making it to the lawn for bathroom breaks. They also needed something durable and easy to clean. The vinyl worked well for the family, but they weren’t sure what brand to use. The previous vinyl deck worked well for the family, but not knowing the brand, they weren’t sure what material to install in this deck renovation.

Duradek vinyl for the win

Zohreh did some research on vinyl and heard about Duradek through neighbours. She decided that Duradek was her best choice because of the quality and variety of styles to choose from. When she called Duradek headquarters, they referred her to Citywide Sundecks, an authorized installer.

Citywide removed the existing vinyl and installed Duradek Okanagan line in Linen, which complemented the exterior of the home and the adjacent kitchen on the interior. Citywide completed the deck renovation with elegant finishes including flushed seams, welded PVC perimeter flashing, and new aluminum and glass railing.

This family’s new deck is a stunning area for outdoor enjoyment and entertainment. The views are even more enjoyable now, with a beautiful, practical deck and railings that will last for decades to come.

To get a free quote on your deck renovation, fill out the form below or call Citywide Sundecks today at 604-786-3325.

Durable Coquitlam Sundeck

Citywide IMG 1018


Citywide IMG 1015
Citywide IMG 1011
Citywide IMG 1005
Citywide IMG 1017
Citywide IMG 1004
Citywide IMG 1009


Durable Coquitlam Sundeck

Annie and Steve have been in their Coquitlam home for over 15 years. They have a beautiful back yard with a large coy pond and cedar patios. 10 years ago, they installed an interlocking plastic plank material on their second story sundeck. But since installing it, it had become brittle and began breaking and leaking into the living space below.

Searching for something new

They knew they had to replace the deck, but wanted something different. Steve and Annie started looking for a material that would be more durable than the interlocking plastic material they previously chose. They needed something waterproof, easy to clean, and a material that would stand up to the direct sunlight and cold winters of Port Moody.

Neighbourly advice

At a neighbour’s bar-b-que, they began admiring the attractiveness and functionality of their vinyl deck that the party was hosted on.  When the neighbor explained that it was over ten years old, Annie and Steve were taken aback – it looked brand new! They found out that their neighbor spent almost no time on cleaning and maintaining his vinyl deck and it was still 100% waterproof.

They were sold.

Problem solved (fast)

Steve and Annie found Citywide Sundecks online and filled out the contact form to request a quote. Within one week from when they first contacted Citywide, they received and agreed on a quote and work began.

The couple is very happy with their new vinyl deck in Duradek Graphite (Cork series) and looks forward to enjoying summer evenings together on it, overlooking their bubbling coy pond below.


If you’re looking to plan your deck renovation, get a free quote from Citywide Sundecks. Call 604-786-3325 or fill out the form below.


New TimberTech Composite Deck Construction in Vancouver

Citywide Sundecks & Railings upgraded this backyard space in Vancouver, building a new TimberTech composite deck for the retired homeowner, Jimmy.

We incorporated the existing concrete stairs into the deck design seamlessly and safely. First, removing (then, later replacing) the vinyl siding and ensuring the deck structure was level and flush with the stairs. The new deck fits right in!

With strong, deep footings and composite decking (with a 25 year warranty) this deck is going to stay looking brand new for decades.

Jimmy looks forward to bar-b-queing and lounging on his new Citywide Sundeck.


Portfolio Tt Vancouver Img1
Portfolio Tt Vancouver Img2
Portfolio Tt Vancouver Img3
Portfolio Tt Vancouver Img4
Portfolio Tt Vancouver Img5


Vancouver Portfolio Before Img1
Vancouver Portfolio Before Img2
Vancouver Portfolio Before Img3
Vancouver Portfolio Before Img4

To start your new deck story, contact Citywide Sundecks & Railings for a free estimate.

New Vinyl Deck With Covered Concrete Patio & Storage

During this project in Squamish, BC we rebuilt the deck, adding a concrete pad at garden level for covered storage and patio space. We removed the sliding glass patio door to properly install the new Duradek vinyl membrane and constructed new wooden stairs. Finally, we built custom sturdy wooden railings and completed them with glass panels – all resulting in hundreds of square feet of new a gorgeous, durable, and functional outdoor space for this client.

Duradek Deck Renovation With Colour-Matched Railings

This Lower Mainland family home got a deck makeover. We installed new Duradek vinyl with standard ‘drip and clip’ edge, new custom-built wooden railings to match the existing color of the home’s siding complete with a beautiful new set of french doors installed. We also replaced the lower portion of siding after waterproofing and then painted to perfectly match the existing siding. What a pretty, functional, and safe place for the family to enjoy!

North Vancouver Duradek Restoration

In this North Vancouver neighborhood, residents love to be outdoors. This client gave Citywide Sundecks a call to reconstruct their deck so they could enjoy their slice of outdoor heaven even more. We reconstructed the deck, applying Duradek vinyl to ensure they will be able to enjoy the low maintenance and durability of their deck for many years to come. We completed the space with standard aluminum picket railings.

New Westminster Duradek Vinyl Application

New Westminster gained a gem of a deck with this 2016 project. We applied new Duradek vinyl, retaining the existing railings and added a new set of wooden stairs. We capped the beautiful outdoor living space off with a glass and aluminum patio cover that created a sheltered area from rain or sun, increasing the usability of the space.

New Duradek Vinyl Installation in Burnaby

On this deck in Burnaby, we installed new Duradek vinyl and new custom aluminum railings. As the siding on this home runs vertically, standard practice of removing the lower area of siding and running the vinyl up the exterior wall 8 inches would mean replacing all the siding in this area. To ensure the integrity of the waterproof membrane, and to avoid the cost of replacing all siding, Citywide cut and removed only the lower foot of siding, installing L flashing and kickplate matching the existing siding for an attractive, low cost, and effective water proofing solution. If you have questions about how to make your dream deck become a reality – even on a budget – give Citywide Sundecks a call today.

Delta Deck Replacement

This Delta project included replacing the existing deck with new Duradek vinyl. The client upgraded to the PVC flashing from the ‘drip and clip’, creating an attractive finish to the edge of the deck where the vinyl is welded directly to the flashing, rather than wrapped around metal flashing and clipped. We also build new wooden stairs, complete with a vanity stringer.

Burnaby Deck With Patio Cover & Storage

This fun, multi-level deck project in Burnaby was an exercise in finding space where it doesn’t exist! This area serves as a main entrance to a home, a carport, a sundeck, and a storage area. We reconstructed the deck and landing, applying new Duradek vinyl. We added brand new stairs, railings, and a large patio cover for shelter at the front entrance. Under the landing area, we added a wooden cage that create a sheltered and secure storage area under the waterproof membrane on the landing. If you have a tricky area that you are looking to maximize the usability of, Citywide Sundecks provides free estimates with consultations.

New Duradek Vinyl Deck in Surrey

This cute space in Surrey began with extending the deck two feet, to give more outdoor living space. We topped the deck with new Duradek vinyl and retained the existing railings on 2 sides. On the third side, in lieu of a railing, we built and finished a cedar privacy panel, creating a functional and private space for enjoying and entertaining.

Custom Deck Rebuild in New Westminster

This deck was a custom rebuild project in New Westminster. The client opted for a Duradek vinyl finish for the low maintenance characteristics and we agreed on a custom railing built from pressure treated wood- creating a sturdy, long lasting, and rustic look. We finished the project up with brand new custom wooden stairs to match the new railings.

Surrey Duradek Vinyl Renovation

This Surrey project included removing an existing vinyl membrane and replacing it with Duradek vinyl, while retaining the existing aluminum railings. We installed a new sliding patio door to complement the space. We rebuilt the stairs, adding a gorgeous fanned platform at the base and staining the wood to match the existing wooden patio at the garden level.

Stunning Composite Patio in Surrey, BC

This stunning patio in Surrey makes a polished first impression. Built with Azek composite decking and complete with custom inset lighting, this reconstructed deck will be pleasing eyes for decades to come.

Rot Repair Deck Project in Delta, BC

This project, completed at a beautiful home in Delta, BC, was a rot repair project. The previous membrane had failed, allowing water ingress resulting in rot damage. After removing the existing failed membrane and repairing all damaged structures, the client opted to upgrade from a basic vinyl membrane, adding a beautiful and functional 2’x2′ porcelain tile on a pedestal system. We also constructed a custom fascia for a clean finish that obscures the pedestal system elevating the porcelain tiles off the waterproof membrane. This stunning area was finished off with a Panorama railing system.


  • “Paul and his team are wonderful to work with. Our high expectations and unusual detailed challenges were met with enthusiasm. Another job well done.”

    – Drew, Billingsley Construction

  • “My wife and I were very happy with Citywide’s work on our sundeck. Their crew was very professional, courteous and efficient, and completed the work exactly as they said they would. When I pointed out a minor error in their work on our house siding, they immediately acknowledged the issue and corrected it with no argument. We would definitely recommend Citywide to our family, friends and anyone else that needs their decks re-surfaced. Thanks Paul / Citywide!”

    Doug and Audrey – Burnaby

  • “Citywide is a professional company to work with regarding our deck project.  Very reliable, timely results and good customer service. We are very satisfied with the outcome.”

    Karl G – Vancouver

  • “I would recommend Citywide for roofing repairs and Vinyl decks. I appreciated the personalized service and efficient workers. Thanks Paul.”

    Tony W. – Vancouver

  • My experience with Paul and his Citywide Sundeck crew has been nothing but positive. They are on time and completely professional and able to offer solutions to complicated waterproofing challenges.

    Joe C. – Vancouver

  • I’m a general contractor in the lower mainland. I contacted Paul to help us re-vinyl a deck that used to be fiberglass. GREAT customer service, the job was professionally done by 2 of his crew members. When I called 4 other companies to look at the job, no one came or called back. Paul was attentive to our needs & was able to squeeze us in with a 2-3 day lead time.   Thank you so much for your consistent attention to detail, professionalism, & continuous strive for quality.

    Steve – New Westminster

  • Hard working and respectful crew. Deck turned out great. I would recommend Citywide to others who are considering building or replacing their deck.

    Vito – North Vancouver

  • Two years ago we hired Citywide to renovate our sundeck and back porch. We were very happy with the results and we are enjoying them every day. Last month we had them renovate our front stairs and walkway. The result exceeded our expectation. Now our front entrance looks good enough to welcome a queen! I like Paul’s workers they are friendly and able. Also, Paul is one of the most organized and punctual people I have ever known. We have had a lot of problems with tradesmen in the past. It’s nice to know Paul for a change.

    Sadako – Burnaby

  • I had Citywide Sundecks replace the 28 year old Duradeck sheeting with the similar material on my sundeck. The job was completed in one and a half days to my complete satisfaction. The deck looks like new with all the joints and seams glued and heat treated to ensure maximum waterproofing. Stainless steel screws were used throughout in reinstalling the original aluminum railings and stairs to ensure longevity and improved appearances. When the job was completed the installers cleaned up the work site. I was impressed and pleased with this Citywide crew. They were professional.

    Stephen – Richmond

  • We had our hot tub and sundeck replaced this summer. Citywide Sundecks did a wonderful job of the vinyl deck. The installation was complicated by the fact that the hot tub was sunk into the deck and the glass railings had to be removed and replaced. The job was done in a timely manner with great efficiency. We truly appreciated the skill of the workmanship, the attention to detail and the concern for aesthetics.

    McBride – Coquitlam

  • Paul and his team did excellent work with attention to detail. The work was done quickly and we are very happy with the result.

    Lora – North Vancouver

  • Great service and a fair price for the work. Delivered on all their promises and even did a nice job cleaning up. I would definitely recommend them.

    R. B. – Vancouver

  • Amazing service. Friendly, prompt, really good product. The installers are wonderful and skilled, friendly. I really would recommend this company. I like the range of products they offer and they took time to explain all my options.

    A. R. – Vancouver

  • We were very surprised when we were told that they were able to start working on the project within a week of us signing our contract. We were kept updated of progress and appreciated being contacted by Paul to see how they were doing and if we had any questions. The work was completed quickly and efficiently. The fellows who did the work were friendly and cleaned up after they had finished for the day. We were very happy and have referred them to our friends.

    Courtland C. – Delta

  • Paul and his crew were hired to rebuild a terrible deck that was built last year. Citywide Sundecks isn’t the cheapest, but they did the job right and on time, and it comes with a 10 year warranty. We should have gone with hie the first time around.

    Job P. – Surrey

  • Paul and his crew did a great job of taking care of us. We had to replace a deck and deal with some water issues above and below the deck, all which was behind the stucco. This work has been completed and we are very happy. Paul and the crew kept me informed throughout. They were very easy to deal with and answered all my questions as the work progressed. All this was done at what I thought was a fair price.

    Andy Stephens. – Surrey

  • Very happy with our Duradek job.  It was installed exactly as discussed and Paul made sure that we were completely satisfied.

    Rene B. – Vancouver

  • We are very pleased with the restoration project completed by Citywide Sundecks and Railings during the summer of 2015. The beautiful new sundeck was rebuilt in a very professional manner and the installed aluminum railings were a real upgrade on our original wooden ones. We are so glad that we contracted CWS as they were terrific to deal with and they provided quality work from start to finish.

    Bruce & Loreen S. – Richmond

  • I live in Prince George and contacted Paul at Citywide Sundecks to enquire about installing Duradek at my 85-year-old mother’s house in New Westminster. Paul kept us informed every step of the way. His crew was professional and hard working. They completed the job as agreed and ahead of schedule, even throwing in a few extras for my mum at no cost! My mother was very pleased with the outcome and happy to be enjoying her new deck.

    Leanne M. – Prince George

  • We were in a rush to get our sundeck stairs repaired. Paul was very accommodating and had the stairs replaced very quickly. The quality of work was excellent! I would highly recommend Citywide Sundecks.

    Linda & Rob M. – Delta


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