Deck Remodels: How To Add The Most Value


Kitchens, baths, and curb appeal are the traditional places to dump your money into when you want to get the best financial return on your home improvement projects. But in Vancouver and across Canada, the attention has shifted from quartz countertops and brass faucets to inviting, low-maintenance outdoor living spaces. If you want to add value to your home (whether you’re selling or staying), a deck renovation is the home improvement you must make. 


What home buyers want

An enticing outdoor living space is high on the must-have list for current homeowners and those looking to buy. 51% of home buyers find outdoor living space the most attractive quality when searching for their perfect home. Having a great outdoor area is more important to them than an open floor plan or curb appeal.

It’s no surprise that sundecks are becoming an ideal investment project. For current homeowners’ enjoyment and for sellers wanting to add value to their home, building or renovating a deck is a smart way to keep money in your pocket and make a quick sale.


Deck remodel ROI

Remodeling Magazine produced a Cost vs. Value report for 2018, comparing the average cost of 21 remodeling projects in 149 markets with the value those projects retain at resale. According to the study, adding a wooden deck to your home was the 5th most valuable remodelling project you can complete in the Pacific region, at an 88.9% return. The study also showed that adding a composite deck gave an encouraging 72.8% return on investment. Interestingly, the ROI on a stone patio installation proved to be a less-impressive 51.9%.

Although vinyl decking was not explored in the study, the relative cost to install a vinyl deck is similar to the cost of a wood deck. Being a much more durable and low-maintenance material, we would say a vinyl deck is one of the best ROI remodel projects that you could do. When you use Duradek vinyl, the 10-year warranty is transferable to the new homeowner, making it a smart and sexy selling feature.


Best deck renovation features

Choosing to invest in a deck remodel is a smart way to gain more livable square footage without the high cost of an addition. To maximize the livability of your sundeck, consider these features in your renovation plan:


A patio cover– To make your deck usable year-round.

A maintenance-free material – Choosing vinyl or composite means no maintenance costs.

Privacy walls – To keep the space intimate and desirable.

Complementary landscaping – to make it as inviting as possible.

Glass railings – To make the deck feel larger and keep views unobstructed.

Built-in lighting – To add ambiance and safety.

Outdoor speakers – For the perfect entertaining space.

Multiple seating areas – To demonstrate the flexibility and size of the space.


A sundeck that sells

The difference between showing a home with a rotting, broken deck and one with a well-maintained deck can affect the sale price by as  much as 40%. When you have a great deck, it can be a major selling feature that adds thousands to the value of your home and entices buyers to make quick offers.

To get started with a deck remodel that will add value to you home, fill out the form below or call 604-786-3325 for a free consultation and quote.



The Complete Vinyl Decking Warranty Comparison


Vinyl Warranty Summary (Standard/60mil)
















Basic Product Warranty Length

10 yrs

7 yrs

10 yrs

15 yrs

15 yrs

15 yrs

10 yrs

Appearance Warranty

5 yrs

3 yrs



5 yrs

5 yrs


Certified installer required








Labour costs included

10 yrs



5 yrs

2 yrs

2 yrs


Prorated Refund









Vinyl decking has been the choice of builders and homeowners in metro Vancouver since its entry to the Canadian market over 40 years ago. The low-cost, low-maintenance waterproof decking is ideal for the Lower Mainland’s infamous wet environment. But with the ever-climbing popularity of vinyl, decking manufacturers are churning out various brands to capitalize on demand, flooding the market with countless options for buyers to navigate.

One reliable way to choose between vinyl brands is to compare warranties. Deciphering the legal-ese of warranty documents is a nightmare, so we’ve gathered the most popular contenders and broken down the legal mumbo-jumbo to help you see the difference between each company’s warranty.

Our goal is to help you make an informed decision on your vinyl decking purchase.


Duradek Vinyl Warranty

We’re starting with Duradek because it’s our vinyl decking of choice.

Duradek is coined as “the original walkable roofing membrane.” It was the first vinyl decking on the market, back in the 70’s, and it is arguably the most well-known vinyl brand in North America.

But does it live up to the hype? We think so.

Duradek doesn’t have the longest warranty, but in our experience, it’s the most comprehensive and reliable. The Duradek product warranty for all 60 mil vinyls is 10-years. This covers repair or replacement through the full duration of the warranty. Unlike other brands, Duradek does NOT prorate the product warranty fulfilment; if your membrane fails within the warranty period, it is repaired or replaced–period.


Think about it: would you rather be covered for 15 years, but only get pennies toward your replacement, or be fully covered for a decade? Companies that prorate their warranty (every other company on this list) only refund the fraction of what you paid, corresponding with the remaining warranty period. For example, if you paid $4,000 for your vinyl and it fails 10 years in, with Duradek, you’re getting that full $4k value back. With companies that prorate their warranty, you get about $1,300. If your deck fails 12 years in, you’re only getting about $800 from your prorated 15-year warranty.

In other words, Duradek is incredibly confident that their decks will last for a minimum of 10 years, whereas the other guys seem to be hedging their bets.

Duradek also carries an appearance warranty, which is 5 years for all Duradek Ultra lines, except for their Okanagan line, which is 2 years. The caveat here is that on appearance claims, the material and labour costs are included for the first 2 years and only the material costs are covered from 2-5 years.

A major point to consider is that Duradek is the only vinyl brand listed that explicitly honours warranty transferability. That means that if you sell your house, the new owner can make a claim. Without transferability, when you sell the deck, your warranty goes down the drain.

Check out Duradek’s 60 mil warranty details:

So yea, we like Duradek. But it’s not the be-all-end-all, there are some other worthy vinyl decking brands out there (and some to stay away from). Keep reading to find out more.

Duncan Dek-Master Vinyl Warranty

Duncan Dek-Master can be found on the shelves of most hardware stores. It’s the go-to vinyl decking for DIY enthusiasts, but it’s rarely used by professional decking installers. The 60 mil Pro-series has a 7-10 year warranty, depending if you DIY or hire a certified installer.

If you DIY, the 60 mil line has a 7-year product warranty. Professional applications have a 10-year product warranty, as well as a 5-year workmanship warranty. There’s also a 3-year appearance warranty, regardless of who installs.

All warranties cover a repair or prorated refund and do not cover labour costs. While there is a ‘workmanship warranty’, because Dek-Master doesn’t have a network of certified installers, we’re not sure how they would enforce this. Also, the terms of the warranty only bind them to repair or replace “the affected portion of the Dek-Master sheet vinyl with the same (or similar) colour, design, or grade of material.”

If you’re looking for a decking material that is low maintenance and you’re set on installing your own this vinyl is an option. However, we would never recommend a DIY install over living space. When you’re relying on the waterproofing capabilities of vinyl, the installation technique and welding is much more important than the vinyl brand. Call a pro and consider letting them use their preferred vinyl.

Check out the full details of the Dek-Master 60mil Warranty:

Dec-k-ing Vinyl Warranty

Dec-k-ing is also available for DIY installation, but unlike Duncan’s Dek-Master, it’s more commonly trusted by professional installers.

The 60mil line, Roofseal, is approved for installation over living space. DIY installations have a 10-year warranty and when a professional installer is used, there’s a 15-year warranty. Sweet! But the warranty doesn’t cover appearance issues and only covers the replacement of materials; no labour costs are covered.

If you’re using Dec-k-ing, you have to use the whole system. The full warranty only applies when their proprietary V-Kote Tech system is used. And you better keep your receipts; to make a claim, you need to produce a copy of the signed warranty, an invoice, and your proof of payment.

If you’re set on a DIY vinyl deck–and have the skills to install it properly–in our opinion, this is the best option.

Read the full warranty details below:

Tufdek Vinyl Warranty

Full disclosure: we don’t recommend this product. Here’s why:

  • They’ve only been in business since 2003 (15 years), but offer a 15-year warranty.
  • They don’t offer an appearance warranty.
  • Local homeowners have had major issues with the Scuffguard top layer burning and discolouring rapidly in the sun.
  • Their warranty terms are refund or replace on a prorated basis.
  • To be eligible for the warranty, you have to adhere to a strict annual maintenance routine, as outlined in the Tufdek warranty agreement.

To their credit, Tufdek mandates a 5-year workmanship warranty, where they will repair “free of charge” any portion of the project that has failed, solely due to defective installation. And they have some pretty colours.

Read the full terms and requirements below:

Weatherdek Vinyl Warranty

Weatherdek’s warranty is a strong contender for our favorite, Duradek. The 65 mil Weatherdek vinyl lines have a 15-year product warranty, plus a 5-year appearance warranty. Labour costs are covered for up to 2 years on appearance claims, but are not covered on other claims. Unlike Duradek, all Weatherdek warranties are prorated and non-transferable if a home is sold. Despite these differences, Weatherdek is a top-tier vinyl brand with a strong warranty.

Read the full terms of the Weatherdek warranty.

DekSmart Vinyl Warranty

DekSmart has one of the strongest warranties for vinyl decking and it’s written in plain English to boot!

The Ultra RoofDek and Smoothback lines have a non-prorated 15-year waterproofing and a 5-year appearance warranty. The terms are to repair or replace the defective material throughout the duration of the warranty. Labour costs are also covered if appearance or waterproofing issues are reported in writing within 2 years of installation. After two years, labour costs are not covered. The workmanship warranty isn’t standardized, but is offered by each certified installer at their discretion.

DekSmart has only been around for less than 2 full warranty cycles, whereas Duradek has over four full cycles under their belt. Also, there’s no mention of transferability in the DekSmart warranty terms.

In our opinion, DekSmart is a reliable vinyl brand. Read their full warranty terms here: DekSmart warranty

Dec-Tec Vinyl Warranty

These guys are the outliers when it comes to the thickness of their vinyl. They offer 60mil and an 80mil lines. Rather than compare apples to oranges, we’ll give you the full picture of both thicknesses:

The 60 mil lines have a 10-year product warranty and 80 mil lines are warrantied for 20-years (although they’ve been around for less than 30 years). DecTec doesn’t offer an appearance warranty on its vinyls.

Warranty terms outline that if the membrane fails to waterproof within the first 5-years, the full cost of the vinyl (installer cost, not the price paid by the owner) is refunded. After 5 years, a prorated amount is refunded. Labour costs are not included.

If you use this brand, you better be on the ball. To be eligible for the product warranty, you must register your purchase within 90 days.

Read the full terms of their warranty below:

Vinyl decking warranties: Conclusion

There are a ton of different vinyl decking brands available and it’s hard to know what matters when you’re comparing them. A good rule of thumb is that a vinyl is only as good as its warranty.

We’ve broken down the warranty components and terms of the most popular brands and provided our expert opinions on each. We hope that this helps you make a more informed purchasing decision on your vancouver deck renovation.


If you could use a quality vinyl decking installer, call Citywide Sundecks at 604-786-3325 or fill out the form below to get a free quote!  

12 things you must know before building a composite deck

Composite decking is a durable, beautiful, and environmentally-friendly deck material. Since its entry to the market in the 90s, it’s progressed dramatically in looks and technology. With more manufactures and options available now than ever before, it’s hard to know what to buy and what to avoid.

If you’re thinking of installing composite decking, here’s what you need to know:

Types of composite

The composition and quality of composites vary widely. Most are a mix of recycled plastics and reclaimed wood fibers. They are available in either non-capped, partially capped, or fully capped varieties. Some ‘composites’ on the market have no wood fibers at all.

Here’s what is all means:

1 – Non-capped composites

Comprised of a wood fiber and plastic mix, the boards are formed into the shape of a typical wood plank. Due to the manufacturing process, creating a non-capped composite that is aesthetically similar to real wood is not possible.

The original composite decking products were non-capped. But this type has largely been phased out of the market because of issues with warping and advances in technology. Check out our article on how composite decking has changed for more details.

Some manufacturers such as MoistureShield and TimberTech still carry uncapped composite varieties. They are generally less expensive and have a more modest fade and stain warranty.  

2 – Capped composites

To combat the issues that the first iterations of composite decking experienced, manufacturers developed the capping technique. This type has a composite core with a hard PVC outer layer on 1-3 sides, which guards against stains, fading, scratching, and warping more effectively than non-capped materials.

Other capped composites have PVC material wrapped around all four sides of the board, making a more complete barrier to water ingress, bugs, and warping. Some, like those produced by TimberTech, have a PVC capping even in the grooved fastener notches for superior protection.

3 – Pure PVC

This class of composite isn’t a combination of materials at all. Pure PVC composites, like Azek decking, have no wood fibers, just high-grade plastics with an ultra-realistic wood look.

Compared to their partially organic counterparts, PVC planks have first-rate heat dissipation, fire resistance, and scratch resistance. They are also extremely lightweight, making them ideal for roof decks. Because this material is a result of testing and technology, it’s durable enough to carry a 30-year fade and stain warranty and a lifetime warranty against defects, termites, and rot.


Shapes of composite boards

Composite Decking types | Citywide Sundecks and Railings | Vancouver Deck Contractor

Image courtesy of  Ted Morrison via This Old House

Like wooden decking, composites are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each type has unique benefits and drawbacks to consider:


4 – Solid

Most similar to a traditional wood plank, solid composite decking has a rectangular profile. It’s mounted by screwing through the top, just like wood. It can be heavier than other types of composite, but has strong rigidity.

5 – Slotted

It’s just like solid composite, but with a notch cut down either side for use with a hidden fastening system. Using hidden fasteners keeps to PVC cap intact for protection and makes a beautiful deck surface, without screw holes. Some manufacturers don’t coat the notch with a protective PVC cap, leaving it more vulnerable to water ingress and insect penetration.

6 – Ridged

Only one side of this board is usable, as the underside has cut-outs to reduce weight and cost.

7 – Hollow

Much lighter than other composite boards, but obviously plastic. End caps are used to block insects and small animals from nesting in the hollow cavities.


8 – Choosing a Colour

TimberTech colours | Citywide Sundecks and Railings | Vancouver Composite deck installation

While colour is not the most pertinent decision to be made, it’s the most emotionally-charged one. Each manufacturer offers a variety of colours to choose from. As long and you’re choosing between top brands like TimberTech, Azek, and Trex, you can be confident in your decision and choose the style and price that best suits your needs.

Understanding how you want your space to function can help you choose the best colour pallet. When considering colours, ask the following questions:

  • Is the space an extension of your indoor space?
  • Do you want to blend the deck color to the outdoors?
  • Will your railing match the trim or overall architectural style of the house?


Composite Deck Construction

Building a deck is a favourite DIY project. However, considering the cost and technical requirements of composite deck construction, it’s best left to a professional deck builder or carpenter.

Here’s a few composite deck construction considerations:


9 – Permits

Before you get started, find out if a building permit is required for your deck project. Check out our blog to find out if you need a permit for your metro Vancouver deck construction.


10 – Joists

Framing for a composite deck isn’t the same as a wooden deck. The plastic materials in composite decking require strict support to avoid bowing or warping when heated by the sun. The required joist span is 16-inches on centre, or 12-inches on centre when running boards at a 45-degree angle. Also, composite decking typically comes with a warranty of 20 years or more. To comparably extend the lifetime of wooden joist, top contractors wrap them in a UV-treated waterproofing membrane before installing composite planks.


11 – Usability

If you want dry space below your deck for storage or outdoor living, then consider a water management system like Azek’s dryspace.  If you are doing outdoor living space below then esthetics come into play: how do you want the bottom of your framing to look? Azek’s dryspace attaches to bottom of joist and gives finished surface, so soffit installation isn’t required.


12 – You’re not alone

Don’t be overwhelmed or under-informed when you’re choosing composite decking. Citywide Sundecks and Railings is an expert deck builder with tonnes of experience in installing composite decking. We’ve vetted the top manufacturers and will guide you through making the best deck-cisions for your home.

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How to choose the right vinyl style for your deck

Each deck has amazing attributes and areas of opportunity. Depending on your deck goals, it’s important to choose the right vinyl deck style and features. Check out these common deck renovation desires and find out how to choose the right vinyl style for your sundeck needs:


Make a small deck feel larger

In Vancouver and most other metro areas, outdoor space is limited. While we would all love to have a sprawling patio, most of us are working to make the most of what we’ve got. To maximize how large your deck feels, a simple vinyl print is most effective. Natural tones will help your deck’s borders meld with the surrounds and create the illusion of space. Railings will have a huge impact on how large your sundeck feels. Choose glass railings to extend your sightlines and open up even the most modestly-sized balconies.

Citywide Sundecks Delta Duradek Sundeck glass and aluminum white railings

For a cooler deck surface

On hot summer days, even Vancouver decks can become too hot for bare feet under the blaring sun. Light-coloured vinyls will help keep sundeck surfaces a moderate temperature. Reflective lighter tones are especially helpful on roof decks, where they can help reduce interior cooling costs, compared to darker roofing materials.


Draw focus to your deck

If you’re like us, your backyard is a point of pride. When you want your deck to be eye-catching (in the best way), choose bold colours and patterns that complement your home’s exterior. Contrasting tones draw attention and make your sundeck the focal point of your outdoor space.  To see how your home would look with different colour combinations, check out Duradek’s free Dek-Vision design tool.


Draw focus to your view

When you have a million-dollar view, your sundeck becomes the most important means to make the most of it. To keep focus on a fantastic vista, choose neutral vinyl decking colors that blend with your home. Also consider installing topless glass railings so that your awesome view is unobstructed by a pesky top-cap.

Citywide Sundecks West Vancouver view

For a durable, long-lasting deck

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, long lasting decking material, then vinyl is the way to go. For a style that’s especially apt to stand the test of time, choose a brand that you can trust. Find out more in our vinyl decking comparison blog. When choosing between vinyl deck styles, light tones and simple prints will stand up most effectively to long term wear and weathering effects.


For a personal touch

Set your vinyl deck apart from all the others in your neighbourhood by accessorizing with lighting, furniture, patio covers, and custom privacy walls.


Vinyl is the preferred decking choice of many Vancouver residents because of its affordability, durability, and waterproof features. It’s available in dozens of colours and styles to fit every taste and need. For more information on vinyl styles and Vancouver vinyl decking installation, fill out the form below or call 604-786-3325 for a free quote.

Top Vinyl Decking Brands: Comparing Duradek, Tufdek, Dek-Master, Weatherdek, Dec-k-ing, Dec-Tec and DekSmart

Building or renovating a deck is an investment in your home and in your quality of life. So when you’re deciding on what type of deck material to use for your sundeck project, it’s best to be informed about the differences between products and which features actually matter.

Learn about the top vinyl decking brands as we compare and decode the qualities that really make a difference for your deck and your wallet.

Top Vinyl Decking Brands

There are hundreds of vinyl decking brands for you to choose from when planning your deck project. Similar to any other product, some brands are rockstars and some are just bad imitations.

We’ve narrowed our comparison down to the top 7 most popular vinyl deck membrane brands to help you decide which product is best for you. Find out how each brand compares on warranties, colours, dimensions, technical features, and what it all means for you and your deck.

You can check out our top vinyl decking brands quick comparison infographic for a high-level overview. Then take an in-depth look below at the details for each vinyl brand you’re considering.


Dek-Master Overview: The DIY Vinyl

Duncan Dek-Master Logo | Comparing top Vinyl Decking Brands | Citywide Sundecks

If you’re  looking for vinyl decking at a hardware store, there’s a strong chance you’ll find Dek-Master. It’s carried across Canada by Home Depot, Lowes, Rona, and other major retailers. This is one of two vinyls on this list that you can purchase and install yourself, rather than through a certified dealer.

Dek-Master Fast Facts

  • Introduced: n/a
  • Product warranty:  5-7 year DIY warranty. 7-10 year Certified Installer warranty.
  • Appearance warranty: 3 years
  • Workmanship warranty: 5 years limited
  • Warranty terms: Repair or refund (Prorated). Non-transferable. Labour costs not covered.
  • Colours:  3 Dek-Master colours.
  • Width: 72” to 74”
  • Thickness: 45 mils & 65 mils
  • Backing: non-woven polyester
  • Licenced installation required: No

Dek-Master Styles

Dek-Master Styles | Comparing top Vinyl Decking Brands | Citywide Sundecks

Dek-Master Styles

Dek-Master has a few lines to choose from and the difference in quality between each line can be significant. They offer a 45 mil line and a 60 mil Pro-series, both with a non-woven “fuzzy back”. Both lines also have the same three neutral colour options.

Dek-Master Warranty

The 45 mil line has a 5-7 year warranty, whereas the 60 mil Pro-series has a 7-10 year warranty. The warranty varies depending if you DIY or hire a certified installer.

If you DIY, the 45 mil line has a 5-year product warranty and the 60 mil line has a 7 year product warranty. Professional applications have a 7-year warranty on 45 mil, a 10-year product warranty on 60 mil, as well as a 5-year workmanship warranty. There is a 3-year appearance warranty on both lines, regardless of who installs.

All warranties cover a repair or refund on a prorated basis and do not cover labour costs. This means the longer you have your deck, the less you’re entitled to on a warranty claim. It also means that if you hire a professional to install this material, you won’t be compensated for their costs, should the product fail. The warranty is non-transferrable, so if you sell your house, the warranty isn’t valid for the next owners.

Check out the full details of the Dek-Master Warranties:

Dek-Master Important Notes

In Duncan’s application instructions, they suggest that you can either glue seams with their “overlap cement” or heat weld seams. However, if you require a waterproof membrane (if your deck is over living or storage space), Citywide strongly suggests that only rely on professionally heat welded seams.



Dec-k-ing Overview: The Handyman’s BrandDec-k-ing Logo | Comparing top Vinyl Decking Brands | Citywide Sundecks

This product is used by some professional installers and is also available for direct purchase to DIY. The PVC backing, limited colour choices, and accessibility of Dec-k-ing can make this a viable handyman’s choice.

Dec-k-ing Fast Facts

  • Introduced: 1979
  • Product warranty: 5-15 years
  • Appearance warranty: No
  • Workmanship warranty: Per installation co.
  • Warranty terms: Materials cost only. Labour not covered. Non-transferable.
  • Colours: 8 Dec-k-ing colours
  • Width: 72”
  • Thickness: 60 mils
  • Backing: PVC
  • Licenced installation required: No
Dec-k-ing colours | Comparing top Vinyl Decking Brands | Citywide Sundecks

Dec-k-ing Colours


Dec-k-ing Styles

With a simple selection of up to 8 neutral colours (depending on current availability), picking a style should be easy. Similarly, the two vinyl lines, Deluxcoat and Roofseal, make for another straight-forward selection. Roofseal is suitable for all regular applications, whereas Deluxcoat is NOT approved for use over living space.

Dec-k-ing Warranty

There are two different warranty grades, depending on if a certified installer was contracted, or if you DIY.

Non-certified installations have a 5-year warranty (Deluxcoat) or 10-year warranty (Roofseal). When installed professionally, Deluxcoat is warrantied 10-years and Roofcoat 15-years.

The full warranty only applies when installed by a certified company also using their proprietary V-Kote Tech product system. The warranty only covers replacement of materials, no labour. Read the full warranty details below:

Dec-k-ing Important Notes

You can buy this vinyl directly from select hardware and flooring stores across Canada and install it yourself, but read the warranty terms very carefully. For most projects, it’s best to use a certified installer to ensure your waterproofing system is sound and your warranty is valid. Citywide would not recommend relying on this product waterproofing, unless it’s professionally installed.


Tufdek Overview: The New Kid On The Block


Tufdek is exclusively available through certified installers. It came onto the vinyl decking scene in 2003; late in the game, compared to other well-known brands. But it’s made up for lost time, grabbing a large chunk of market share and continuously innovating. Tufdek has introduced features like Cool-Step and Scuff-Guard and claims to be the world’s strongest vinyl decking. Some of their technology has been successful, and other have been problematic.

Tufdek Fast Facts

  • Introduced: 2003
  • Product warranty: 15-years
  • Appearance warranty: none
  • Workmanship warranty: 5 years
  • Warranty terms: Repair or refund a prorated amount, non-transferrable. Labour costs covered.
  • Colours:  14 Tufdek colours
  • Width: 63.5″ wide
  • Thickness: 61 mils
  • Backing: PVC
  • Licenced installation required: Yes

Tufdek Styles

TufDek Styles | Comparing top Vinyl Decking Brands | Citywide Sundecks

TufDek Styles

There are 14 Tufdek colours to choose from. Three styles have Cool-Step technology, which is highly reflective. This feature aims to reduce the surface temperature, when exposed to direct sunlight. All Tufdek styles are 61 mils thick and have a smooth PVC backing for faster heat welding.

Tufdek Warranty

While they’re only been in business for 15 years, they offer a 15-year product and 5-year workmanship warranty on all vinyl styles. However, no appearance warranty is offered.

The terms of the warranty refund are prorated and non-transferrable. If the product malfunctions, you’ll be refunded a portion of the purchase price that the dealer paid Tufdek, not what you paid the contractor for your deck. Additionally, to be eligible, the owner must adhere to an annual maintenance routine, as outlined in the Tufdek warranty agreement.

However, Tufdek is the only brand to mandate that installers provide a 5-year workmanship warranty.  They will repair “free of charge” any portion of the project that has failed, solely due to defective installation.

Read the full terms and requirements below:

Tufdek Important Notes

While Tufdek is definitely an innovator, unfortunately, not all of their developments have turned out positively. Recently, there were some major issues with the Scuff-Guard clear PVC coating . Some customers struggled to receive support from Tufdek, as pictured above. Tufdek has since altered the Scuff-Guard layer, but the product has not been recertified.


Weatherdek Overview: The Little Guy

Weatherdek Logo | Comparing top Vinyl Decking Brands | Citywide Sundecks

Weatherdek is a BC company with a strong product and trusted network of certified installers. While this brand is less well-known than some others on the list, it’s not for a lack of quality. Weatherdek has a reasonable warranty, a variety of colours, and a long-standing reputation.

Weatherdek Fast Facts

  • Introduced: 1980’s
  • Product warranty: 5-15 years
  • Appearance warranty: 5 year
  • workmanship warranty: 5 years limited
  • Warranty terms: Repair or refund. Prorated. Non-transferable. Labour costs covered (2 yrs for appearance).
  • Colours: 36 Weatherdek colours
  • Width: Designer and designer plus have 54” width options whereas others are 72”.
  • Thickness: 45 mils and 65 mils
  • Backing: non-woven polyester
  • Licenced installation required: Yes

Weatherdek Styles

weatherdek vinyl styles | Comparing top Vinyl Decking Brands | Citywide Sundecks

Weatherdek styles

There are a whopping 36 Weatherdek colours available to choose from. They have four premium 65 mil lines that mimic the look of wood, concrete, stone, and marble, and a few neutral-coloured lines in both 65 mil and 45 mil thicknesses. All vinyls have a non-woven ‘fuzzy’ backing that assists with adhesion but can complicate heat welding the seams.

Weatherdek Warranty

The 45 mil lines have a 5-year product warranty and the 65 mil lines have a 15-year product warranty, plus a 5-year appearance warranty. All warranties are prorated and non-transferable if a home is sold. Labour costs are covered for up to 2 years on appearance claims, but are not covered on other claims.

Weatherdek Important Notes

While this is a quality vinyl product, even the best materials can be compromised if they’re installed poorly. It’s important that you hire an experienced and trusted deck contractor to ensure your investment pays off.  


DekSmart Overview: The Humble Contender

deksmart | Comparing top Vinyl Decking Brands | Citywide Sundecks

Another strong BC brand, DekSmart has been waterproofing decks since 1992. While it’s not as popular as other comparable brands, the options and features warrant a spot on this list. 

DekSmart Fast Facts

  • Introduced: 1992
  • Product warranty: 5-15 years
  • Appearance warranty: 5 years
  • workmanship warranty: Per the installation Co.
  • Warranty terms: Replace or replace. Transferability unclear.
  • Colours: 23 DekSmart colours
  • Width: 72”
  • Thickness: 60 mils, 68 mils
  • Backing: non-woven polyester, PVC
  • Licenced installation required: No

DekSmart Styles

Dek Smart Styles | Comparing top Vinyl Decking Brands | Citywide Sundecks

Dek Smart Styles

There are 23 colours to choose from, across three unique lines. The full selection of colours are available in the Ultra line, which is 68 mils and has a non-woven fuzzy backing. The 60 mil Smoothback line offers a selection of popular colours with a PVC backing. This “vinyl back” appeals to some builder specifications, compared to non-woven backing options. The Excel line offers two colours, but isn’t rated for roof decks. All DekSmart Vinyl is a standard 6-feet wide.

DekSmart Warranty

The Ultra RoofDek and Smoothback lines have a 15-year waterproofing and a 5-year appearance warranty. The Excel line has a 5-year warranty for appearance and waterproofing (but isn’t approved for roof decks). If appearance or waterproofing issues are reported in writing within 2 years of installation, material and labour costs are covered for repair or replacement of the membrane. After two years, only materials costs are covered.

It’s unclear whether or not DekSmart’s warranty is transferable. The workmanship warranty isn’t standardized, it’s offered by each certified installer at their discretion.

Read the full Deksmart warranty terms below:

DekSmart Important Notes

DekSmart has been in business for less than two complete warranty cycles, which is half the number of other brands on the list. But, they are one of only 4 brands on this list to offer an appearance warranty. 


Dec-Tec Overview: The Widest Waterproofer

Dec-Tec| Comparing top Vinyl Decking Brands | Citywide Sundecks

DecTec is working hard to differentiate themselves from the sea of vinyl decking suppliers. Along with their unique “Real Technology”, the 76” width of their product is a notable feature. Compared to the standard 72” width of most other suppliers, the additional 4″ width means DecTec vinyl decks have a slightly greater distance between seams. DecTec also has great online resources, where you can get the scoop on how to install a vinyl deck. However, this product is only available through certified installers.

Dec-Tec Fast Facts

  • Introduced: 1989
  • Product warranty: 10 – 20 years
  • Appearance warranty: No
  • workmanship warranty: per installation co.
  • Warranty terms: Material only warranty. Provide vinyl or refund. Prorated after 5 years. Non-transferrable. Labour not covered.
  • Colours: 11 DecTec colours
  • Width: 76”
  • Thickness: 60 mil & 80 mil
  • Backing: PVC
  • Licenced installation required: Yes

Dec-Tec Styles

Dec-Tec colours | Comparing top Vinyl Decking Brands | Citywide Sundecks

Dec-Tec colours

There are three vinyl lines: Cool-Step (80 mil, 4 colours), Natural (60 mil and 80 mil, 3 colours), and Classic (60 and 80 mil, 4 colours). All DecTec vinyls are 76” wide.

The newest Natural line, introduced in 2017, has “Real Technology”. This line features a fire-resistant fiberglass core, high definition print, enhanced UV protection, higher slip resistance, and ‘improved wear protection’, compared to other lines. 

Dec-Tec Warranty

60 mil lines have a 10-year product warranty and 80 mil lines are warrantied for 20-years. For up to 5-years, the full cost of the vinyl membrane (installer cost, not the price paid by the owner) is refunded. After 5 years, a prorated amount is refunded. To be eligible for the product warranty, you must register your purchase within 90 days.

DecTec does not have an appearance warranty on its vinyls. There is no standardized workmanship warranty; each certified installer is expected to provide their own.

Read the full terms of their warranty below:

Dec-Tec Important Notes

Dec-Tec has the longest product warranty on the list. The 20-year warranty means they’ve proven the product during one full warranty cycle, as they’ve been in business about 28 years.

While the warranty is longer, it’s not the most comprehensive available. Ensure that your sundeck installation company provides a strong workmanship warranty and consider whether an appearance warranty is a concern for you.


Duradek Overview: The OriginalDuradek Logo 2017

Duradek is Citywide Sundecks’ go-to vinyl. This family-owned, Surrey, BC company has been making “walkable roofing membranes” since 1974. Because of their tenure, their quality product, and their proven dedication to standing behind their warranty, it’s easy to recommend for all our clients.

Duradek Fast Facts

  • Introduced: 1974
  • Product warranty: 5-10 year warranty
  • Appearance warranty: 1- 5 year appearance
  • workmanship warranty: Offered by each installer at their discretion.
  • Warranty terms: Repair or replace. Labour costs covered (2 yrs for appearance). Total cost of deck. Non-prorated. transferable.
  • Colours: 27 Duradek colours
  • Width:  72” (6 feet)
  • Thickness: 45 or 60 mils
  • Backing: Woven polyester
  • Licenced installation required: Yes

Duradek Styles

Click to check out Duradek's Colours

All vinyl styles are 60 mil thick, except for the economy Okanagan line; Okanagan Ultra is 60 mil and Okanagan Standard is 45 mil.

All vinyls have a woven polyester backing, except the Okanagan lines, which have a non-woven fuzzy back. Duradek is the only brand on the list to offer a woven backing, which both assists with the ease and integrity of heat welding (like PVC backing) and reduces the chance of leaks transferring through fuzzy fibers.

Duradek Warranty

Duradek doesn’t have the longest warranty, but it’s one of the most reliable and comprehensive. The Duradek product warranty is 10-years on all 60 mil vinyls and 5-years on the 45 mil Okanagan line. This covers repair or replacement through the full duration of the warranty. Unlike other brands, Duradek does NOT prorate the product warranty fulfilment; if your membrane is deemed defective within the warranty period, it is repaired or replaced.

Duradek is also the only brand on the list that offers a transferable warranty. If you sell your home, the new owner gains the product warranty. Your deck upgrade can truly be a selling point.

Duradek’s appearance warranty is on-par with the DekSmart and Weatherdek appearance warranties. All 60 mil vinyl lines (other than Ultra Okanagan) are covered for 5 years. The material and labour costs are included for the first 2 years and only the material costs are covered from 2-5 years. The appearance of the 60 mil Ultra Okanagan and 45 mil Standard Okanagan are also covered for 1-year.

Check out Duradek’s full warranty details:

Duradek Important Notes

Duradek does not mandate a workmanship warranty on behalf of its dealers. It’s up to the discretion of each installer to offer a warranty on their work. Duradek is notoriously selective about who they allow to become certified installers.

No matter the vinyl you choose to have installed, make sure that your deck contractor offers a workmanship warranty. Citywide Sundecks is proud to offer a standard 5-year workmanship warranty on all our vinyl deck installations.

Vinyl decks in Vancouver

As a professional deck contractor in greater Vancouver, we work with all types of decking materials. Vinyl is one of the most popular deck types in the Lower Mainland. There are numerous benefits of vinyl decking including versatility, waterproofing, low-maintenance, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

If you’re thinking about building or remodeling a deck for your home, trust a local expert like CItywide Sundecks to provide you with the information you need to make an informed deck decision.

To find out how much a new sundeck with a top vinyl decking brand would cost, fill out the form below or call (604) 786-3325 for a free quote form our deck experts.

15 Questions To Ask Your Deck Contractor (Before You Get a Quote)

You’ve decided to hire a deck contractor–smart decision! But finding a company you can rely on feels daunting. There are hundreds of deck builders in Metro Vancouver, so how do you know when you’ve found a winner?

Uncovering a few deck contractors with great online reviews or getting a reference from a friend is a good place to start. Once you’ve made a promising shortlist, pick up the phone and get your notepad ready.

Call up your top choices and weed out the duds. Here’s what to ask your potential deck contractor:

What’s your specialty?

Many deck builders only work with one or two types of decking. It’s important to understand how experienced they are in working with your preferred material. You don’t want them learning on your deck, after all. They should be able to tell you about the pros and cons of the deck material you’re considering and help you make an informed decision.

Do you have staff or subcontract?

Some deck builders hire other companies to complete jobs (or portions of obs) on their behalf. While this can mean you get highly specialized trades people working on your deck, it also has the potential to cause communication issues. Deck companies with their own crews are generally more familiar with each worker’s experience and character. They also have more direct control over every aspect of the job, so it’s more likely to go as planned.

Will there be a supervisor on site?

Having a person working on your project with the responsibility of ensuring quality and authority to make decisions has obvious advantages. Knowing how often a supervisor will be present can help you decide between two comparable contractors.

What’s your warranty?

Hiring a deck contractor is an investment in your home. Deck builders should use quality products that carry a warranty and be able to produce that information for you. They should also provide a warranty for their work. Get clear on the specifics of what’s covered and for how long.

Are you licensed and insured?

If the answer is not a clear, “yes,” your conversation can end here. The potential deck contractor should be able to produce their insurance certificate, business license, and Work Safe BC credentials upon request. Any resistance, hesitation, or evasion is a major red flag.

How long have you been in business?

This question helps you understand how experienced they are in the decking industry. Dodgy deck contractors don’t last long in this competitive market. Also, established businesses are less likely to have financial or legal issues that could affect your project.

Do you have references?

It’s one thing to read online reviews, but to  personally speak with a past customer is another level of reassurance. While it’s probably not a good use of time to vet these references before you get a quote, knowing they’re available is promising.

How do you handle it when something goes wrong?

The measure of a company’s worth is not if something goes wrong, but how they handle an issue when it inevitably arises. Every deck contractor has had something go wrong, let them tell you about a specific time and how they made it right.

Will this deck require a permit and do you handle permits?

Permits are often a necessary evil. Your contractor should know when one’s required. While it’s usually best for you, the homeowner to manage the permit, some contractors do offer this service and all should guide you through the process.

Find out if you need a permit for your deck project

Who do you know?

When you’re renovating your outdoor space, there’s often other work on your to-do list too. Quality contractors have a network of trusted service providers that they can refer, saving you time and headache in future projects. Also, if your deck contractor isn’t full service like Citywide Sundecks is, you may need to hire other companies to complete portions of your deck renovation like landscaping and painting.

Do you do railings?

After all, no great deck is complete without beautiful railings. You can get a quote for a railing re-do while they’re completing an estimate on your deck project.

How long will it take and when could you start?

Getting an idea of the timeline for your project is important for your planning. Depending on the time of year, you may be waiting weeks (or months) for an opening. This can be a deciding factor in choosing your deck contractor.

What makes you unique?

Let them tell you how they’re different from those hundreds of other deck builders in Metro Vancouver. Here’s how Citywide is a unique Vancouver deck builder. Does what they say resonate with what you need?

Do you charge a deposit?

Most deck builders do, both to cover material costs, and for client peace of mind. Get details on how much the deposit is; between 10% and 30% is common. There is rarely a legitimate reason for a deposit of more than 30%.

What forms of payment do you accept?

If you’re planning on paying by credit, make sure that’s an option. If they only accept cash, that’s a pretty clear sign that the business is not above board. Sorting out these details in advance of any agreement makes the whole process smoother for everyone.

Now you’ve got a strong feeling for what it would be like working with each of the deck contractors on your short list. Choose your top three and request a quote.

If Citywide Sundecks has made your deck contractor shortlist, fill out the form below or call us at (604) 786-3325.


7 Steps to Spring Clean Your Deck – Fast

You have a deck to enjoy it, not to work on it! This simple guide helps you get your deck ready this summer faster than ever. Use these tips to get the work done quick, so you can get on to the important stuff like enjoying your sundeck.    

a wooden deck overgrown with weeds

Step 1: Prep

To properly clean your deck and keep it from premature degradation over the year clearing your deck is essential.

Start with clearing around your deck. Trimming back branches and vegetation to at least a foot from the edge of your deck and supports will reduce the chances of an insect infestation, sap and leaves dropping on your deck, and potential for storm damage.

Next, clear your deck surface. Removing patio furniture, barbeques, plants, and decor. Then, sweep the deck to remove leaves and other debris and  clean gutters and downspouts to avoid drainage problems.

dirty wooden deck black and white

Step 2: Inspect

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your outdoor oasis. Pick out potential problem spots by looking for wear and tear such as:

  • Loose or cracked trim
  • Detached or rusted flashing
  • Peeling or missing caulk
  • Signs of decay (soft spots)
  • Separation of gutters
  • Improper slope
  • Torn seams on vinyl decks
  • Insect damage
  • Rodent/bird holes
  • Cracked or leaking faucets
  • Shifted curbs and retaining walls

‘Out of sight out of mind’ is a fatal philosophy when it comes to your deck. Rot and worn fixtures can weaken your deck, making it unsafe.

Inspect your deck’s surface and supports by walking the surface of your deck to feel for weak or spongy spots beneath your feet. Pay special attention to damp spots and parts in contact with fasteners. It’s probably rotted if a screwdriver can easily penetrate the wood ¼- ½ inch or break off a sliver without splinters.

Fixtures and supports like posts, joists, and ledger board (where the deck attaches to the house) can degrade over time. Take a close look under your deck for signs of aging too.

Take a close look at your railings for rot, loose bolts, rusted fixtures, and general sturdiness. Consider replacing your maintenance-intensive wood railings with custom aluminum railings.

Make any necessary repairs before continuing your deck spring cleaning. Give us a call at 604-786-3325 if you need some expert assistance.

wet deck down

Step 3: Wet

Thoroughly wet down your deck with a garden hose. If you use a pressure washer, don’t exceed 150 psi or point the nozzle directly at any seams or attachments. Improper use of a pressure washer, like holding the nozzle too close to the deck, can cause permanent damage.

scrub deck

Step 4: Scrub

Some cleaners can damage your deck. Avoid using powered abrasives, steel wool, dry cleaning fluids, or lacquer thinner solvents.

For any deck material, use an effective biodegradable product like Oxyclean and use a bristled scrub brush over using a pressure washer. Combine the cleaner with water and test the mix in a small area. It should kill the mildew and remove the dirt in 10 to 15 minutes. Get the job done fast without damaging your deck by adjust your ratio if it’s too quick or slow to.

For tough stains from leaves, algae, moss or mold use diluted ammonia or outdoor bleach and a whole lot of elbow grease.

Step 5: Rinse

Rinse the deck to remove any cleaner residue and make sure you haven’t missed any spots.


Step 6: Dry

If you have a low maintenance deck like vinyl or composite, congratulations, you’re all done! If you’re the proud owner of a wooden deck, you’ll to wait until it’s completely dry before you can  stain or seal it. Wait at least two or three days before sanding and applying sealer for best results.

Citywide Sundecks custom vinyl patio


Step 7: Enjoy!

Give yourself a pat on the back. You have successfully spring cleaned your sundeck!

If you need some help getting your deck barbecue-ready this spring, Citywide Sundecks is your complete decking contractor. No job is too big or small for our expert crews.

Fill out the form below or call us at (604) 786-3325 for a free consultation and quote.

9 Ways Citywide Sundecks is a Unique Vancouver Deck Builder

When you’re looking for a deck builder, it can be difficult to figure out what makes one company different from another. With over 80 decking companies listed in the Yellow Pages for greater Vancouver, there’s no shortage of options to choose from.

If we’re lucky enough to be on your deck builder shortlist, check out these 9 ways that we’re unique from any other decking contractor in the Lower Mainland:

1 – We always provide detailed quotes

Citywide sundecks detailed Quote

When you’re spending thousands of dollars building or renovating your sundeck, you want to know exactly what you’re getting for your money. You don’t want to pay more than you have to, but you want to make sure your deck is going to be durable and beautiful.

We start with asking questions and understanding your needs to make the best recommendations possible. We’ll review your options with you and share our experience so that you can feel confident and supported in your decisions. After we understand what you need and want, we’ll compile a detailed quote that clearly outlines the project phases, materials, and costs.

2 – We install and repair all decking types

Citywide sundecks installs all decking types

Want to change your style of deck? Not sure what decking you want? No problem. Many deck contractors only work with one or two types of decking. We have experience in vinyl, composite, cedar, pine, hardwood, fiberglass and more. We can construct a new deck or work with your original structure. We’ve even got you covered for patio covers, privacy walls, and custom railings. No matter what you’re starting with or what you want to have, our experience and expertise will ensure that we provide you just what you want, efficiently and affordably.


3 – We do more than decks

Citywide Building Envelope Logo

We’re not just experts in sundecks, we know exterior construction and waterproofing too. By staffing crew members with expertise in all elements of home improvement, we ensure that no matter the project, we have an expert on hand to get it done.

We don’t work with tunnel vision, we see the bigger picture. We build and install decks in a way that maintains the integrity of your home’s complete waterproofing and structural systems.

Our commercial and industrial branch, Citywide Building Envelope, caters to the needs of Stratas, Property Managers, Developers, and Architects. We handle siding, traffic coatings, and balconies in new construction and restoration projects.

Contact us to learn more about our commercial services.   


4 – We’re just the right size

_I was impressed with the service and the timely manner in which they scheduled the project. They arrived when they said, did a great job, and were finished when they promised._

Our team is big enough to get any job done, but not so big that you’re ever treated like a drop in the bucket.

Unlike many small one-man shows, we have full licensing and insurance. You’re not on the hook if something goes wrong. We also can’t disappear with your money and leave you high and dry.

Citywide is a local, family owned business that prides ourselves on serving families just like our own. We believe in doing the right thing and building decks that we can be proud of.


5 – Our staff are long-term

Citywide Sundecks happy customer note and treats for crew

Our core staff have been with us for years. Why does it matter? Well, they trust us and we trust them. It’s a testament to how we treat the people we work with: with respect and commitment. We know our staff well, including their capabilities, so we can be confident that we’ll always live up to your expectations. Clients frequently comment on how friendly and respectful our crews are. We wouldn’t have it any other way.



6 – We’ve won Best of Houzz 2017 + 2018

best of houzz 2018 service citywide sundecks
It’s one thing for us to tell you how awesome we are, but it means a whole lot more coming from a trusted third party. Houzz is a well-regarded home improvement organization that connects homeowners to contractors. Being recognized by them as the best deck builder in our area speaks volumes about our dedication to service and our clients’ satisfaction.  


7 – We’re a trusted member of GVHBA


Everyone’s heard a nightmare contractor story where someone was ripped off or duped by an unqualified or immoral company. So what’s your protection against this sort of horrific experience? We want you to feel 100% confident in choosing Citywide so we’ve volunteered to be part of the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association.  As a member, we pledge to live up to strict expectations on integrity and professionalism. And if we ever fail, we’re accountable to the board and hundreds of our industry peers.



8 – We’re a certified installer of Duradek

Duradek Logo 2017

Not just anyone can install the #1 vinyl decking membrane for you. Duradek requires its products to be installed by trained and certified distributors. We happen to be the top Duradek installer in lower mainland BC.



9 – We only use high-quality materialsTimberTech warranty emblem for Citywide Sundecks

Beyond our vinyl decking supplier, we partner with the top local and international manufacturers and suppliers to make sure our decks are an incredible value. We build your deck like we would build our own.

Our preferred composite decking suppliers are TimberTech & AZEK. We choose to install these brands because of their outstanding quality and dedication to research and development. Their materials are constantly on the cutting edge of decking technology so you get the best there is.


Whether you want a one of a kind deck, or just a trustworthy deck builder, we can get the job done.

If you’d like to experience how Citywide Sundecks is unique, fill out the form below or call (604) 786-3325 for your free quote.


Duradek Announces New Legacy CEDARWOOD Design

Since 1974, Duradek has produced top quality vinyl decking that provides a durable, low maintenance, attractive way to effectively waterproof any deck.

The most recent group of designer deck colours by Duradek, the Legacy line, was unveiled in 2014 to commemorate their 40th year in business. The original Barnwood and Driftwood patterns were chosen to reflect the market demand for naturally inspired colours and textures. These flagship designs were followed in 2015 by the very popular Legacy Pebble Beach.

The latest addition to the commemorative line is Legacy Cedarwood:

“Legacy CEDARWOOD provides homeowners a stylish option for decks and other outdoor surfaces that emulates the appearance of natural wood, but with the low maintenance waterproofing advantages of durable vinyl.”

Duradek vinyl decking Legacy line introducing Cedarwood

The three wood grain designs offer unique tonal variations and striations that effectively mask dirt and remain resistant to the elements. The Cedarwood style provides a light, neutral color option for homeowners looking for a brighter natural tone. An added benefit of the lighter colour is a cooler deck surface, compared to darker vinyl hues.

At Citywide Sundecks and Railings, we are proud to be a certified distributor and installer of all Duradek products. Check out all of Duradek’s styles and colours and fill out the form below or call us at (604) 786-3325 for a free quote on your new Duradek sundeck!

Deck Giveaway: BC Home + Garden Show


Citywide is Giving Away a Sundeck This February

Citywide Sundecks is teaming up with the BC Home + Garden Show and Global BC along with Rymar Synthetic Grass to give one lucky home show attendee a major backyard make over. 

Our expert crews will install a brand new Duradek vinyl membrane that’ll make your neighbours green with envy. Check out the Durdek styles and colours and start planning your FREE dream deck. 

Find us at booth #1430 on the west end of the centre isle and enter to win!


BC Home + Garden Show Tickets button



What Type of Deck is Best for Pets?

Your whole family–including the four-legged members–loves to spend time on the sundeck together. So when you’re planning your new deck, you naturally want to consider what’s best for your furry companions, too.

While your pets can’t always tell you what they want, we’ll help you figure out which type of decking makes the most sense for you and your pal.

sad dog on worn wood deck with green blue paint

Scratch Resistant

Pet owners often deal with destruction caused by their buddy’s claws on flooring and furniture. To avoid your deck having the same fate, choose scratch resistant decking.

Capped composite has a hard plastic shell around a wood/plastic composite core. The shell makes it durable and resistant to rot and warping along with scratches. Composite decking mimics the look of natural wood, but without the upkeep. While it’s much more scratch resistant than wood, it’s not totally scratch proof. With enough gusto, your pooch could still leave permanent marks.

Vinyl decking is another durable solution to ward off a claw-tastrophy. This walkable roofing membrane is made to stand up to the elements while waterproofing with a low-maintenance, attractive finish. It’s also pretty difficult to scratch or tear this engineered material with anything short of a sharp tool.

brown and white short haired puppy on green wood deck

Potty Proof

If your pup has a tendency to have accidents on your deck, easy clean up is a priority. Both vinyl and capped composite decking are stain resistant and can be easily hosed down to clean up a mess. Wooden decks can be stained easily, so avoid this type of decking if your pooch is prone to piddles.

dog paws with long claws on deck



Paw Friendly

If a deck is too hot for your bare feet, it’s too hot for little paws too. Decks built where they’ll absorb a lot of sunshine can get toasty on clear summer days. Choosing a lighter decking style for these areas can help reduce heat make it easier for all family member to walk on.

Slivers can also wreak havoc on paws of all types. Luckily, both vinyl and composite decks are totally splinter-free.  

golden retriever on shady deck with awning

Permanent Shelter

To help combat the heat, a patio cover is a smart addition. Not only will your pet enjoy the shade, but it makes for a more usable space year-round. When it’s pouring rain in the winter, a patio cover crates a dry outdoor space for you and your animal to take cover. You can get more use out of your deck and everyone will be more comfortable.

smiling dog with wooden railings and aluminum gate on wooden deck

Smart Railings

Railings make a huge difference in the look and safety of a deck. While you can often reinstall old railings on a new deck, consider if they make the most sense for your current needs. Custom aluminum railings are fabricated uniquely for each deck, so you can get exactly what you want. For smaller dogs and cats, you can choose a style with closer spindles and include a gate in the design so their chances of escape are slim. Glass railings are modern, safe, and allow uninterrupted views–but tend to be a magnet for nose smudges.


puppy dog on wood deck

Consider these expert tips when you’re planning your new outdoor space and you’ll feel good about your deck decision, knowing it’s pet-approved.  For more information on what decking is right for you (including costs) check out our blog on the pros and cons of popular deck types.

If you’re ready to chat with an expert about your deck project, our team is here to help. Fill out the form below or call (604) 786-3325 to get started.


The 5 Best [FREE] Deck Design Tools


A sundeck can increase not only the value of your home, but the quality of your life. A deck extends your living space to the outdoors allowing you to live your life more ideally and take full advantage of every square foot.

If you’re dreaming of adding or renovating a deck, these free deck design tools can inspire your creative side and help make your vision a reality. To help you know where to begin, we’ve tried them out to report the perks and drawbacks of each.

5 Free Deck Design Tools 

One of the few free deck design tools that’s not affiliated with a decking materials brand, this easy to use online software makes deck design approachable for any inspired DIYer. The program provides simple deck designs for you to base your deck structure off and allows simple resizing of the height, dimensions, and shape. You can only choose between a generic composite or pressure treated pine as building materials, which makes the usability of the downloadable permit plan, order list, breakdown list, and plan specs somewhat limited if you’re planning to build with another material. Despite the materials limitations, you can get a strong idea of the shape and design features you’d like to have in a deck.



This design tool has an approachable interface with simple options to give you an idea of price, but overall is somewhat inflexible. You can choose from one of three pre-designed deck layouts and change the total square footage, but not the dimensions. While you only have the option of designing with Trex composite, you can check out their various colours and railing styles to see what combinations you like. The software gives you a materials list and Trex can point you in the direction of a local retailer or deck builder to make your dream design a reality.



Although is shares other design tool’s limitation on building material selection, this designer’s robust building features are intuitive to use. It offers a range of customizability from deck height, dimensions, and railings to board rotation, lighting, and accents. You can even add furniture and accessories to complete you dream design. Your bill of materials is available to review at any time and you can print off a PDF copy when you’re ready.  Whether you’re serious about designing a new sundeck, or just looking for some productive entertainment, this deck design tool is worth a click.


Fiberon Decking

Similar to the TimberTech interface in look and feel, it is slightly less robust and less intuitive. It has everything you need in a deck designer with some fun bells and whistles like a custom landscape and lighting designs.


Big Hammer

If you’re serious about designing decks (or you’re a deck builder) this software is a strong contender. Unlike previous options, you need to download and install this software to use it. However, it only works on Microsoft operating systems, so Mac users are S-O-L.


The #1 Free Deck Design Tool


While there are multiple easy to use, helpful deck design tools, one software stood out as a shining star: The TimberTech Deck Designer.

Even if you’re not planning on building a composite sundeck, this tool allows you to explore layouts, colours, and decor combinations to help you make smart design decisions for your new deck. It’s the most comprehensive and usable tool that we’ve tried, it’s even kind of fun!


If you’re looking for some expert insight on your deck design, if you’re not sure what material is best, or if you’re ready to build your dream deck, call 604-786-3325 or fill out the form below for a free consultation and quote.

The 5 Things To Do When You Have a Leaking Roof Deck

A leaking roof deck may go unnoticed for some time, but heavy Vancouver rains will eventually make the failure known. Heavy snowfall and snowmelt are also major culprits of bringing on roof deck leaks. When waterproof membranes fail, they need to be dealt with swiftly or damage and costs can multiply quickly.

Here’s what to do when your roof deck springs a leak:


1. Identify the source

If water is leaking into your home through the ceiling, your rooftop deck may or may not be the culprit. Examine the leaking water. If it’s clear, it could be from pipes running through the ceiling or walls. Water from leaking roofs and decks is often dirty and will create stains as it passes through drywall. If the leak appears to be from plumbing, you can cut a small hole in the drywall to check it out further.


2. Examine your deck

Take a look at the deck. Clear all furniture and debris so you can have a clear view of every square foot. Look for pooling water, weathered flashing, failing seams, and peeling caulking. Take a walk around your deck and feel for soft spots under your feet. If an area feels spongy, it’s a sign of rot and a clue to a compromised membrane. If you can identify where water may be coming in, set up a temporary barrier with tarping, sandbags, or caulking to slow the leak.


3. Damage control

Once you’ve done your best to determine the source of the leak and slow it down, head back inside to battle the water from below. Your objective is to dry the walls and floors out as best you can. The faster you dry things out, the lower your chance of mold–which is a costly and harmful effect of a long-term or major leak. Soak water up with towels, catch it with buckets, and set up fans and space heaters to evaporate remaining liquid.


4. Insurance

With any luck, your homeowner’s insurance will cover damage and repair costs. Keeping your deck properly maintained is the best way to avoid a leak and ensure that you’re covered if one does occur. Let your provider know about the situation and get specifics on what’s needed to file a claim. It’s best to take photos to document the water damage and the suspected source.


5. Call a pro

The sooner you get a professional deck builder out to take a look, the sooner your roof deck will be leak-free. Your insurance company may require you to get multiple quotes, which is always smart if you’re able. However, time is of the essence when you’re dealing with a leaky roof deck in Vancouver. The longer you wait, the higher costs will be. Look for a reputable deck builder in your area and check out their online reviews for peace-of-mind.


A leaking roof deck can cause a high-stress situation, but if you follow these five steps, you’ll have everything under control.


If you’re in need of roof deck repair fast, call 604-786-3325 to speak with a Citywide Sundecks expert deck contractor. 

The Citywide Guide to Expert Deck Maintenance

Having a sundeck is great. Maintaining it is not. But with this simple guide to deck maintenance, you’ll know just what to do (and when) so you can streamline your time spent doing chores on your deck.


Seasonal sudsing

The most important activity to extend the life of your deck, keep it safe, and make sure it’s looking sharp is a periodic cleaning. At least four times a year, ideally when seasons change, deep clean your deck. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Move any furniture off or to the side
  2. sweep off leaves, dirt, and debris
  3. clear any gutters or drains of build up.
  4. Hose down your deck
  5. Apply a non-toxic, biodegradable cleaner
  6. Scrub the deck to remove light stains and residual dirt
  7. Remove mildew with one part bleach, three parts water

You may need to clean your deck more often at some times of the year. If it’s located in an area that collects lots of leaves and debris, fall may call for frequent sweeping. If you enjoy barbecues and suntanning during summer, a weekly scrub can reduce the chances of permanent stains.

A dirty deck can accelerate the degradation decking, fasteners, and railings. Spending an hour or so each season to cleanse and inspect it will go a long way to reducing your costs and increasing your enjoyment of your deck.


Do rot reconnaissance

Along with your seasonal clean, check for signs of decay on your deck. On wooden decks, you can check for rot by testing areas with a screwdriver. If you can dig it in more than ½ cm or is you can break off a sliver of wood without splinters, rot is likely.

To check for rot on vinyl decks or decks with liquid-applied membranes, walk the surface of the deck in a grid formation. As you step, feel for soft or spongy spots. Take a close look at areas that are exposed to water or that stay wet for long periods of time.

To make sure the frame of the deck is structurally sound and rot-free, check the following areas for splitting, crumbling, or soft wood:

  1. The ledger board (where the deck attaches to the house)
  2. Support posts
  3. Joists under the deck
  4. Railings
  5. Stairs

If you think you’ve found rot, it’s important to do something. The risk of not repairing rot is that it will spread. If left untreated, someone may fall through the deck or it could completely collapse.


Look for loose fasteners

If your deck is rot-free, fantastic. But it doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods. The fasteners of your deck are just as essential to your deck’s integrity. While you’re checking for rot, check your fasteners and supports, too.

Every season, tighten screws and anchors, hammer in popped nails, tests supports, and replace corroded metals. Rusted fasteners mean they’re weakened and they can also amplify wood deterioration.


Freshen your flashings

Flashing can be metal or plastic. It’s usually found where the deck and exterior wall meet. Ensure that it’s in place and doing its job to divert water away from the home. If there are areas where it’s corroded, broken, loose, or where water pools, avoid water leaking into your home by replacing the flashing.  


Railing research

You rely on your railings to keep you and your loved one’s safe. Make sure they’re up for the job.

First, check to see that they’re high enough. Vancouver deck building codes require 3-foot high railings with spindles a maximum of 10 cm apart so small children and pets can’t squeeze through.

Next, make sure they are sturdy. Do they give when pushed? If you have a wobbly railing, it may be due to rot, worn fixtures, or a poor fit. Find the source of the instability and remedy it before relying on your railings.

Redo your deck finish

Wooden decks require a new stain or seal every two years on average. Staining and sealing your wood deck helps defend it from weathering, rot, and insects. It also makes it look great.

If you’re tired of refinishing your sundeck every summer, consider renovating your deck. Vinyl membranes are the most popular decking in Metro Vancouver and composite decks are a beautiful alternative to wood. Both types of deck never require staining and are very low-maintenance.

To get a free quote on rot repair or a low-maintenance deck renovation, fill out the form below or give us a call at 604-786-3325.


The Citywide Guide to a Safe Sundeck

As an extension of your home, a sundeck should be comfortable, inviting, and enjoyable. But to qualify as any of these, it first needs to be safe.

Safe deck considerations

Any sundeck can benefit from these simple tips to create an outdoor space that’s suitable for the whole family–including pets and small children.


Non-Slip Stairs

Citywide Liquid Decking stairs with texture


In the wet Metro Vancouver climate that Citywide Sundecks works in, slippery stairs are a major concern for homeowners. They’re a liability in rental units and a hazard in your own home.


To avoid taking a spill on slick steps, clean them regularly. Use a low-grade pressure washer with a cleaning agent, or a scrub brush with some sudsy water and clear the surface of debris.


Increase texture on stairs by applying a liquid coating. The level of roughness and colours are completely customizable, so you can get just the look and feel you like. Rubber stripping is also a workable solution.


If you plan on having children or small pets on your sundeck, installing an aluminum gate at the top of the stairs is a smart choice. Investing in a sturdy gate is an easy way to prevent a potentially tragic tumble.


Practical Sundeck Railings

Citywide Sundecks West Vancouver standard glass railings


Railings are a sundeck feature required specifically for safety. But impractical railings can still be hazardous.

Railing risks

Insecurely fastened or improperly built railings are obvious dangers, but frequently overlooked risks are climb-able railings and ones with wide gaps. Toddlers or pets can easily scale or slip through.

Safe railing tips

To combat ineffective rails, cover them with an attractive facade like plexiglass or temporary bamboo fencing. Also, keep furniture away from the perimeter of the deck, as it can be used by crafty pets and children to hop the barrier.

Aluminum railings are a low-maintenance, sturdy solution that can be completely customized. Starting at $60 per linear foot, they’re an affordable (and attractive) safety measure that you never have to stain or seal.


Smart Decor

AZEK Arbor Hazelwood


Keeping your deck comfortable and inviting calls for furniture and decoration, but as you design your outdoor oasis, keep these practices in mind.

Safe plants

Adding greenery to your deck is a smart way to make a relaxing space. However, some common plants can be harmful to our health. If you’re going to have pets on your sundeck, check out this list of poisonous plants for cats and dogs. Curious children (or quirky neighbours?) may also have a munch. It’s best to avoid keeping rhubarb, water hemlock, bleeding hearts, and Lily-of-the-Valley.

Tripping hazards

Keep pathways clear of furniture, potted plants, and other items. Designate children’s play areas that are away from doors, stairs, BBQ’s and walkways.

Open Flame

Fire pits and candles are a great way to add ambiance (and warmth) to any area. Always attend to any open flame near your deck and keep a fire extinguisher on-hand. It only takes a few moments for a rogue ember or knocked over candle to spark a blaze.


Safe BBQ-ing

Citywide Safe BBQing


A stellar barbeque is essential for any awesome deck. Especially when your children are around, never leave a how grill unattended. The catch basin is a magnet for pets, so keep it out of reach or covered with aluminum foil. Put a heat-resistant mat underneath and keep it at least a foot away from railings siding, and other objects to avoid damage.


Splinter-Free Deck Material

Citywide Sundecks custom vinyl patio


Going barefoot on your deck is a summertime rite of passage, but a splinter can quickly spoil the fun. Older wooden decks will undoubtedly victimize a few feet. Regular sanding and staining can ward off slivers.

Low-maintenance decks

If you’d rather spend your time enjoying your deck than maintaining it, consider switching from a wood deck to a more family-friendly material like vinyl or composite decking. These options only require periodic cleaning and can last 10-30 years.  


Sheltered Space

On hot summer days, shaded areas will keep pets cool and people from getting too much sun. A sheltered area is also important for creating a refuge from rainy weather. Adding an awning or patio cover to your sundeck can help your whole family comfortably enjoy your outdoor space year-round.


The Citywide Sundecks Solution

A comfortable, inviting, and enjoyable sundeck is an invaluable asset to any home. Follow these tips to create your ideal outdoor space for the whole family.

If you’d like to upgrade your decking material, add a patio cover, or create a slip-resistant surface, Citywide can help.

Call 604-786-3325 for a free quote, or fill out the form below.

How Composite Decking Has Changed

You’ve heard of composite decking; it’s an alternative to wood that you never have to stain and that’ll last for decades.

You may have also heard about its rocky entry to the decking market. You might be unconvinced that it’s a good choice. The product on the market today isn’t your parent’s composite. Composite decking has come along way since it was first introduced.

We’re bringing you up to speed on how composite has changed over time and what people are excited to buy today.

Tough Beginnings

Composite decking came on the market in the 1990’s, with brands like Trex, TimberTech, Fiberon, MoistureShield, and EverGrain making their debuts. Composite decking generated a buzz of excitement around the low-maintenance alternative to wood decking.

Consumer’s hopes were dashed when the new products fell short of its promises. Early composite decking products were porous blends of plastic and sawdust that tended to stain and fade easily. Buyers complained of mold and mildew build up as well as warping and cracking boards. Some of the major decking manufacturers even faced class-action lawsuits for the sub-par products.

Because of the poorly-designed early composite decking, many homeowners lost faith in composite decking following the 1990’s. But, closing in on 20 years of market experience, those manufacturers who are still in business have learned from their tough beginnings. Products are more sophisticated now, based on decades of research and testing.

The Evolution of Composite Decking

Some brands have discontinued their original lines of composite decking completely, while others have refined them through testing and research. Today, the standard of quality is a capped composite, which has a PVC shell encircling a composite core. The cap functions to seal moisture and insects out, amplifying the integrity of the boards. It also allows for flexibility with coloring and texture, while ensuring a uniform composition of the structural core.

Trex discontinued their last uncapped product in 2014, after introducing a new capped decking line. TimberTech, MoistureShield, and EverGrain kept their (much improved and less expensive) uncapped lines and also offer multiple capped composite options.

Homeowners Love Capped Composite

The love for composite decking is stronger than ever, with sales growing each year across North America. A study recently found that buyers are favouring higher value, better performance, longer life, and better aesthetics in their decking purchases. More homeowners are buying capped composite decking than ever before.

The Vancouver, BC area has seen a significant sales growth in recent years, with a notable shift from uncapped to capped composite materials. The infamous wetness of the region makes the moisture protection of the PVC cap essential for composite decks to last without warping or mildew buildup.

Homeowners choose composite decking over wooden decking for a number of reasons:

  • Get the classic look of wood, without the work.
  • Never sand or stain your deck again.
  • It’s fire resistant, burning at much higher temperatures than wood.
  • Long-term cost is lower than traditional wooden decks.
  • Recycled and non-toxic materials are an environmentally-friendly choice.
  • Stands up to moisture and extreme temperature changes with minimal wear.
  • Comes with one of the best warranties of any decking material (average 25 years)
  • No slivers, mold, or mildew.

While uncapped composite’s lower price is enticing for some, ultimately, aesthetics and durability are most important to homeowners. The top composite brands are fairly comparable in quality and durability. The final choice is less a question of what brand and more often comes down to the colors offered.

Citywide Sundecks Composite Deck Construction in Vancouver

At Citywide Sundecks, we prefer to build with TimberTech and AZEK composite decking products. These brands have a history of innovation, with a huge emphasis on research and technology. Between the two, our clients have 23 different colours to choose from, so they can get exactly the look they want.

TimberTech is a traditional wood/plastic composite product, while AZEK Decking is a pure PVC plank. With AZEK, we can build patios at ground level or even floating decks without an issue of water damage. Both brands are owned by CPG building products and are backed by 25-year and limited lifetime warranties.

If you have questions about resurfacing your existing deck with composite or building a new composite deck, we can help. Call 604-786-3325 or fill out the form below for a free quote.


10 Surefire Signs You Need a New Deck

Are you avoiding admitting that you need a new sundeck?

Waiting too long for a deck renovation is a dangerous game. Aged and unmaintained decks pose serious safety risks and the likelihood of failure increases the longer you delay. 

Whether your deck is dangerous (or just more of an eyesore) these are ten irrefutable signs that your sundeck has reached the end of its lifespan:

1 – Spongy Spots

Areas of your deck that are soft underfoot are tell-tale of rot. If rot is apparent at the surface of the deck, your risk of falling through is real. If rot persists to the support structures of the deck, complete deck collapse is possible. This is the worst-case-scenario for a neglected deck, so take those spongy spots seriously!

2 – Leaks

If your deck should be waterproof, but you’re seeing signs of leakage like water spots, mold, or drywall softness, you’ve got a problem. Over time, seams and seals weather and can allow water ingress. Regular cleaning and maintenance will prolong the life of your deck, but once it’s spring a leak, repair or replacement is inevitable.

3 – Cloudy Railing Glass

Glass railings are a beautiful and functional design feature for sundecks. Glass can make smaller decks feel larger, and allows you to see the beautiful landscape and ocean views better. Overtime calcium and lime can build up on glass and plexiglass can cloud, hindering the benefits of glass railings. While you can usually clean buildup from glass, clouded plexiglass will need replacement to remedy the issue.

4 – Faded and Stained

Older decking materials like uncapped composite and traditional wood are susceptible to fading from UV exposure. In areas with tree cover, pine needles and leaves are notorious for prematurely aging decks with irreversible stains. While a stained deck will likely be safe and functional, it may be an eyesore worth curing. Once you refinish the deck, regular cleaning can ward off weathering.  

5 – Age (Yours)

Just like decks have an expiration date, your willingness and ability to maintain them does, too. High-maintenance decking like timber can be traded-in for low maintenance alternatives like Duradek and capped composite.

6 – Growing Family

As your family grows, so should your deck. Making memories on the porch is something every parent should enjoy with their children. Some materials are better than others, like slip resistant, splinter-free vinyl decks. They’re also one of the more affordable options for a young family.

7 – Selling your home

In a competitive real estate market, a dodgy deck can be seen by potential home buyers as more of a liability than an asset. Make the best impression with a simple deck facelift. Chances are, you’ll regain your investment tenfold.

8 – Shaking, Wobbling, and Sagging

It doesn’t take a pro to know that signs of an unstable deck are serious. Unsecured footings, loose joints, and degraded materials spell trouble. Even newer and well-built decks can be victim to settling and shifting that may compromise a deck’s integrity. Bring in a contractor immediately to inspect any deck that shows signs of instability.

9 – Age (the Deck’s)

The average deck will last 10-25 years, depending on the quality of materials that are used and the maintenance practices. As most deck’s support structures are made from wood, even with chemical sealants and coatings, any organic material will degrade over time. Like changing a timing belt in your car, consider redoing your deck before you run into any major issues.

10 – It’s Spring or Fall

The peak season for sundeck contractors is summer time. During these three months of the year, contractors will often do 80% or more of their business. That means that they’re very busy during summer, but the other nine months of the year are much slower. As a matter of supply and demand, during slower times of the year, you’ll get the best builders at the lowest prices.


If your deck needs some TLC, fill out the form below or call 604-786-3325 to speak with a Citywide Sundecks expert.

Infographic Guide to Choosing a Deck

If you’re considering having a deck built or renovated, you may be unsure about what type of decking makes the most sense for your needs and tastes. This infographic guide leads you through the proper questions to ask yourself so that you’re able to come to the best conclusion on your sundeck conundrum.

Get started now with, “is your deck over living space?”:

Infographic Guide to Choosing The Right Deck


Citywide Sundecks and Railings specialize in providing homeowners in Metro Vancouver with the area’s best value, highest quality sundeck solutions. Check out more about our complete deck construction and renovation services, or fill out the form below to schedule your free quote.


What Makes TimberTech the Best Composite Decking?

If you’re looking into composite decking as an option for your home, you’ve likely seen a few different brands pop up in your research. The brand that you opt for can make a big difference in your overall satisfaction with your new deck.

As experienced pros, our favourite composite decking brand is TimberTech. We’re not alone, independent 3rd party research shows homeowners choose Timbertech 2:1 over Trex.

We’re giving you the rundown on what makes TimberTech the best:

Looks that ‘wow’

Functionality, safety, and low-maintenance are a given of composite decking. What makes this brand noticeably unique from others on the market is that look and feel is truest to real wood. Other brands are obviously plastic masquerading as wood, but TimberTech gets it right, ensuring that even their entry-level products are convincing. Unique color variations within each board are designed to emulate the appearance of natural hardwood. With over 25 hues to choose from (including options from sister brand, AZEK), there’s something to match every home and satisfy any taste.

Unparalleled research and development

TimberTech heavily invests in testing and research, ensuring they are industry-leaders in product durability and innovation. They cap their boards on all four sides to resist mold, mildew, moisture damage, and insects. Their sky-high standards mean that every board is straight, with uniform composition so your deck looks incredible and lasts longer than competitor’s products. 

An outstanding warranty

Their dedication to quality is reflected in the TimberTech warranty: 30-year Fade & Stain and 25-year Limited Warranties. No other company on the market offers that kind of protection.

Environmentally friendly

TimberTech is manufactured from up to 73% recycled materials. Not only that, they’ve developed a unique water filtration system that dramatically reduces the amount of water used in production by reusing hundreds of gallons each day. Even the packing materials are 100% recyclable.


If you need more evidence that TimberTech is the best choice for your deck, see how it stacks up against competitors and check out the available colours.



To get a free quote on your composite deck installation, fill out the form below, or call (604) 786-3325.

What is Liquid Decking And Is It Right For My Sundeck?

Liquid Decking On Concrete Stoop With Coloured Texture
Liquid Decking With Texture Over Vinyl At Wall
Liquid Decking On Concrete Stairs With Coloured Texture
Waterproof Liquid Decking With Texture Over Vinyl
IMG 1529Liquid Decking On Concrete Stairs With Coloured Texture   Finished
Liquid Decking With Texture Over Vinyl
Liquid Decking With Texture Over Vinyl With View
Liquid Applied Decking Membrane On Stairs
Liquid Decking Mix
Liquid Decking At Wall
Liquid Decking Epoxy Primer Coat
Liquid Decking Texture


Liquid decking goes by many names: deck coating; roll-on membrane; liquid rubber; and liquid-applied membrane.

While its title varies, its purpose and benefits are clear: Liquid decking seals your deck, creating a waterproof, safe, and easy to clean surface.

Here are some more details on exactly what liquid decking is, how it works, and how to know if it’s the right choice for your deck:

What is liquid decking made of?

There are various products on the market, each with slightly different ingredients. Generally, liquid deck coatings are a polyurethane, with optional pigment and texture added.

Polyurethanes are naturally flexible, making them scratch resistant and accommodating to large temperature fluctuations. With natural UV inhibitors, this material also stands up well to sunlight.

How does liquid decking work?

Liquid decking can be applied to almost any surface –concrete, wood, metal, and vinyl.

First, the surface is cleaned and leveled. To ensure adhesion and flexibility, Citywide Sundecks uses an epoxy primer under a polyurethane topcoat. Epoxy is much harder than polyurethane, but effectively seals and binds to various substrates and the polyurethane. The resulting combination is a durable, flexible, non-porous, well-bonded, waterproof membrane.

Texture can be added between coats of polyurethane to create a slip-resistant surface. Polyurethane can be pigmented to various colours and detailed designs can be created with coloured mix-ins.

How does it compare to other types of decking?

Liquid decking is a smart option for homeowners looking to waterproof their deck and those who want a low-maintenance solution.

Liquid decking is easy to clean and easy to repair. Where vinyl decking required a noticeable patch over damaged areas, damage to a liquid deck is resolved with a spot-applied top coat. Liquid decks are also seamless, reducing the risk of waterproof failure.

While it has numerous benefits, liquid decking requires specific conditions for application. Direct sunlight, excessive moisture, and cold temperatures complicate adhesion and curing. On the west coast, liquid decking is best installed in summer months.

For more info, read about the pros and cons of popular types of decks.

What does liquid decking cost?

Liquid decking is affordable. Especially considering maintenance and repair costs, this option provides great value. Citywide Sundecks charges an average of $10-$12 per square foot, with additional deck preparation costs varying.

Can I do it myself?

Some homeowners take deck projects on themselves, and some are successful. There are dozens of products available at hardware stores for waterproofing your deck. But, if your deck is over living space, we recommend you hire a professional to install your liquid decking.

When you DIY, what you save up front could lead to costly water damage later on. Citywide Sundecks uses industrial grade products and our installers have decades of experience. We can ensure it’s done right the first time, saving you time and headache.


If you’re interested in a liquid applied deck coating for your sundeck, call 604-786-3225 or fill out the form below for a free consultation and quote.

Hire a Deck Contractor or DIY?

Building or repairing a deck is one of the most common home improvement tasks that homeowners aim to take on themselves. Unlike other renovation projects, decks seem fairly straightforward and low risk. If you’re considering hiring a decking contractor or completing a deck renovation on your own, we’ll help you make the right decision.

The case for DIY

Being able to tick something off your list without having to hire help can mean big savings. Beyond financial benefit, taking on a deck renovation yourself can be a welcomed challenge — it may be an opportunity for the family to work together. There’s certainly something to be said for sweat equity and a hard day’s work. If you’re excited to spend your free time outdoors with power tools (and you’ve got some experience with them) this may be just the project for your summer.

Why you should hire a deck contractor

If you’re still up in the air about what you should do, allow us to make the case for bringing in the professionals. A professional decking contractor (like us!) has expertise and insurance — two very important things that won’t be matched by most homeowner’s policies or experience.

Experience is important for getting it done right the first time. Ensuring the deck is built to code and that it’s going to stay standing are some additional benefits.

Insurance is important because if something goes wrong during the project –someone gets hurt, damage occurs, etc — you don’t want to be the one footing the bill or on your way to the ER.

Moreover, hiring a contractor means that you don’t have to spend your precious leisure time smashing your thumb with a hammer or sweating like a hog. A team of pros will complete your dream deck faster, so you can spend your time actually enjoying it.

A happy medium

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. If you want to play more of a part in your deck renovation than just Capt. Check Signer, consider completing part of the project yourself and bringing the cavalry in for the harder stuff.

We often have clients who will complete portions of the preparation or finishing on a project, making it faster for us and cheaper for them. Just make sure you consult your deck contractor before you dive in, or your work may actually cause more trouble than good.

To speak with an expert deck contractor and get a free quote on your deck renovation, Fill out the form below or call 604-786-3325.


  • “Paul and his team are wonderful to work with. Our high expectations and unusual detailed challenges were met with enthusiasm. Another job well done.”

    – Drew, Billingsley Construction

  • “My wife and I were very happy with Citywide’s work on our sundeck. Their crew was very professional, courteous and efficient, and completed the work exactly as they said they would. When I pointed out a minor error in their work on our house siding, they immediately acknowledged the issue and corrected it with no argument. We would definitely recommend Citywide to our family, friends and anyone else that needs their decks re-surfaced. Thanks Paul / Citywide!”

    Doug and Audrey – Burnaby

  • “Citywide is a professional company to work with regarding our deck project.  Very reliable, timely results and good customer service. We are very satisfied with the outcome.”

    Karl G – Vancouver

  • “I would recommend Citywide for roofing repairs and Vinyl decks. I appreciated the personalized service and efficient workers. Thanks Paul.”

    Tony W. – Vancouver

  • My experience with Paul and his Citywide Sundeck crew has been nothing but positive. They are on time and completely professional and able to offer solutions to complicated waterproofing challenges.

    Joe C. – Vancouver

  • I’m a general contractor in the lower mainland. I contacted Paul to help us re-vinyl a deck that used to be fiberglass. GREAT customer service, the job was professionally done by 2 of his crew members. When I called 4 other companies to look at the job, no one came or called back. Paul was attentive to our needs & was able to squeeze us in with a 2-3 day lead time.   Thank you so much for your consistent attention to detail, professionalism, & continuous strive for quality.

    Steve – New Westminster

  • Hard working and respectful crew. Deck turned out great. I would recommend Citywide to others who are considering building or replacing their deck.

    Vito – North Vancouver

  • Two years ago we hired Citywide to renovate our sundeck and back porch. We were very happy with the results and we are enjoying them every day. Last month we had them renovate our front stairs and walkway. The result exceeded our expectation. Now our front entrance looks good enough to welcome a queen! I like Paul’s workers they are friendly and able. Also, Paul is one of the most organized and punctual people I have ever known. We have had a lot of problems with tradesmen in the past. It’s nice to know Paul for a change.

    Sadako – Burnaby

  • I had Citywide Sundecks replace the 28 year old Duradeck sheeting with the similar material on my sundeck. The job was completed in one and a half days to my complete satisfaction. The deck looks like new with all the joints and seams glued and heat treated to ensure maximum waterproofing. Stainless steel screws were used throughout in reinstalling the original aluminum railings and stairs to ensure longevity and improved appearances. When the job was completed the installers cleaned up the work site. I was impressed and pleased with this Citywide crew. They were professional.

    Stephen – Richmond

  • We had our hot tub and sundeck replaced this summer. Citywide Sundecks did a wonderful job of the vinyl deck. The installation was complicated by the fact that the hot tub was sunk into the deck and the glass railings had to be removed and replaced. The job was done in a timely manner with great efficiency. We truly appreciated the skill of the workmanship, the attention to detail and the concern for aesthetics.

    McBride – Coquitlam

  • Paul and his team did excellent work with attention to detail. The work was done quickly and we are very happy with the result.

    Lora – North Vancouver

  • Great service and a fair price for the work. Delivered on all their promises and even did a nice job cleaning up. I would definitely recommend them.

    R. B. – Vancouver

  • Amazing service. Friendly, prompt, really good product. The installers are wonderful and skilled, friendly. I really would recommend this company. I like the range of products they offer and they took time to explain all my options.

    A. R. – Vancouver

  • We were very surprised when we were told that they were able to start working on the project within a week of us signing our contract. We were kept updated of progress and appreciated being contacted by Paul to see how they were doing and if we had any questions. The work was completed quickly and efficiently. The fellows who did the work were friendly and cleaned up after they had finished for the day. We were very happy and have referred them to our friends.

    Courtland C. – Delta

  • Paul and his crew were hired to rebuild a terrible deck that was built last year. Citywide Sundecks isn’t the cheapest, but they did the job right and on time, and it comes with a 10 year warranty. We should have gone with hie the first time around.

    Job P. – Surrey

  • Paul and his crew did a great job of taking care of us. We had to replace a deck and deal with some water issues above and below the deck, all which was behind the stucco. This work has been completed and we are very happy. Paul and the crew kept me informed throughout. They were very easy to deal with and answered all my questions as the work progressed. All this was done at what I thought was a fair price.

    Andy Stephens. – Surrey

  • Very happy with our Duradek job.  It was installed exactly as discussed and Paul made sure that we were completely satisfied.

    Rene B. – Vancouver

  • We are very pleased with the restoration project completed by Citywide Sundecks and Railings during the summer of 2015. The beautiful new sundeck was rebuilt in a very professional manner and the installed aluminum railings were a real upgrade on our original wooden ones. We are so glad that we contracted CWS as they were terrific to deal with and they provided quality work from start to finish.

    Bruce & Loreen S. – Richmond

  • I live in Prince George and contacted Paul at Citywide Sundecks to enquire about installing Duradek at my 85-year-old mother’s house in New Westminster. Paul kept us informed every step of the way. His crew was professional and hard working. They completed the job as agreed and ahead of schedule, even throwing in a few extras for my mum at no cost! My mother was very pleased with the outcome and happy to be enjoying her new deck.

    Leanne M. – Prince George

  • We were in a rush to get our sundeck stairs repaired. Paul was very accommodating and had the stairs replaced very quickly. The quality of work was excellent! I would highly recommend Citywide Sundecks.

    Linda & Rob M. – Delta


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